Nominated Discussion: How to Block the TikTok Application

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This Nominated Discussion Article is based on the post "Block the Tiktok Application" by @Jafar_Hussain and responded to by @emolina007. Read on to see the discussion and solution!


I want to block tiktok traffic in my environment. I observe in the traffic logs the firewall is not detecting the tiktok application traffic even i applied SSL forward decryption also the firewall is detecting application as a SSL and web browsing.


For this I block the tiktok application but still users are able to access tiktok.


Is there any way to block this?

@emolina007's response:


I added a custom category rule "name_blocked_URLs" added * Under my filter I have it set to block. With so many apps now days using different app resources I didn't do application because there could be other apps using it as a dependency. It really all depends on what apps are doing. Hope this helps. 


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