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Each output node based on class minemeld.ft.redis.RedisSet has associated a feed accessible via the MineMeld API. The URL of the feed is shown in the node view.



Additional parameters

You can use additional parameters on the feed URL to change the output format or the entry returned from the feed. You can combine multiple parameters in the same URL.

Parameter Description Example
(none) default format, the list of indicators is retrieved



s=<N> s=<N> retrieves entries starting from entry number N.



n=<M> n=<M> retrieves M entries from the feed. Can be combined with parameter s to select a subsect of the feed.



tr=1 translate IP ranges into CIDRs. This can be used also with v=json and v=csv.




returns the indicator list in JSON format.


Note that the value of the indicator is returned only if the value flag is set in the prototype.





returns the indicator list in JSON-SEQ format.


Note that the value of the indicator is returned only if the value flag is set in the prototype.



if the feed contains URL indicators, they are returned in a format compatible with PAN-OS URL EDLs.

Optional attributes:

  • di=<anything> Drop Invalid entries. If an URL entry is not compliant with PAN-OS EDL URL format the entry is dropped instead of being rewritten
  • sp=<anythin> Strip Port. Ignores URL entries with ports instead of rewriting them


v=mwg returns the indicator list in a McAfee Web Gateway compatible format as described in




"" "WanaCrypt0r_Miner"
"" "WanaCrypt0r_Miner"
"" "WanaCrypt0r_Miner"
"" "WanaCrypt0r_Miner"

In the case the indicator feed is composed by IP addresses then you can modify the output type with the t=ip additional attribute






"" "WanaCrypt0r_Miner"
"" "WanaCrypt0r_Miner"
"" "WanaCrypt0r_Miner"
"" "WanaCrypt0r_Miner"
"" "WanaCrypt0r_Miner"
"" "WanaCrypt0r_Miner"
"" "WanaCrypt0r_Miner"
"" "WanaCrypt0r_Miner"
v=bluecoat returns the indicator list in a BlueCoat Local List format as described in this Technical Brief document

Optional attributes:

  • cd=<category_name> (Category Default): Default Category where the indicators will be placed to
  • ca=<attribute_name> (Category Attribute): The indicator might have an additional attribute with a list of strings describing the categories it should be listed on.





define category MM_MALWARE
define category FROMAUTOFOCUS

returns the indicator list in CSV format.


The list of the attributes is specified by using the parameter f one or more times. The default name of the column is the name of the attribute, to specify a column name add |column_name in the f parameter value.


The h parameter can be used to control the generation of the CSV header. When unset (h=0) the header is not generated. Default: set.


Encoding is utf-8. By default no UTF-8 BOM is generated. If ubom=1 is added to the parameter list, a UTF-8 BOM is generated for compatibility.






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L2 Linker

Hello -


I have created an EDL in PANOS 8.0.0 using a feed from Minemeld 0.9.40, when I commit I receive the following message:


EDL(vsys1/Skype-IPv4 ip) Downloaded file is not a text file.


Does anyone know how to correct the error ?



L7 Applicator

Hi @paul_w,

could you open discussion under MineMeld discussions about this issue ? 99% probability this is a connectivity issue or certificate issue, I know the PAN-OS error message is misleading.

L0 Member

When I am trying to download feeds using Curl script and below API URL, only IP address information is getting, not confidence value and sources detail.




Does anyone know how to fix the issue?

L5 Sessionator



you must be working on a output node whose prototype do not enable the storage of "values" (metadata of the indicator).


If you're using nodes from the standard library then chose the ones with the "WithValue" suffix in the name.2018-02-16_07-49-16.png


If you're creating your own prototypes then make sure you enable the "store_value" configuration attribute.









L1 Bithead

@lmori I see that a couple of additional output formats have been added. Is it possible to create an output format for Bro/Zeek Intel Framework? The CIDRs output format gets close but Bro doesn't seem to be able to accept anything except individual IP addresses so the output would have to break out a /24 into 256 individual IPs and etc. for other CIDRs in the output. Thanks in advance!

L1 Bithead

I have several miner nodes reporting into 5 processors (FQDN,URL,IPV4,etc.).  When I create the output node I'm limited to chose a single processor.  Is there a way to configure MM to use multiple processor nodes.  I found the configuration on a higher ed article on the REN-ISAC site and it directed to create the separate nodes.   


As far as the URL and FQDNs feeds do they have to have dedicated output node?  I'm getting 153k IOCs and can only transfer 32,000 to my Palo Alto.  Any info on what I need to do would be appreciated. 

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