Prisma Access
Prisma Access protects the hybrid workforce with the superior security of ZTNA 2.0 while providing exceptional user experiences from a simple, unified security product.
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Prisma Access

Prisma Access secures access to the cloud for branch offices and mobile users anywhere in the world with a scalable, cloud-native architecture that will soon be managed via a new streamlined cloud management UI. Prisma Access blends enterprise grade security with a globally scalable network that is soon available in well over 100 locations. In addition, service provider partners will be able to rapidly enable secure outbound internet connectivity for their customers. For known issues with Prisma Access, please review this Blog in LIVEcommunity: "Prisma Access FAQ To Scale Mobile Users."


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New Prisma SASE!!

Just incase you missed it, I have written a blog talking all about the new Prisma SASE solution.. Palo Alto Networks Unveils Prisma SASE: Cybersecuri...

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How to block malicious IP to connect GlobalProtec (Prisma Access)

How do I block malicious IP of connecting to GlobalProtec (Prisma Access), in logs I see many attempts at login on VPN:     I created a Sec...

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What is 11p and 12a on prisma access status page?

New Status page was released: New: Legacy:   In calendar...

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Prisma Access Extra features and security options article

Hello to All,     I have made an interesting article about some Prisma Access extra features and security options like the VPN responder, th...

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New Features Introduced in Prisma Access 3.2

08-29-2022 — Find out what the new features and default behavior is new with the release of Prisma Access 3.2. Learn what's new — features and default behavior — with Prisma Access 3.2

Label: prisma Prisma Access Release Notes
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Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) 2.0 is Here

05-11-2022 — Find out how ZTNA 2.0 with Prisma Access can better secure your hybrid workforce.

Label: prisma Prisma Access Zero Trust Zero Trust Network Zero Trust Network Security ztna
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Palo Alto SaaS Security and Its Benefits as a Next-Gen CASB Service

05-10-2022 — Palo Alto SaaS Security can help many cyber security engineers and architects to deal with the issues like latency or bad cloud app performance that the old CASB solutions cause.

Label: PAN-OS Prisma Access Saas Security SASE
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New Prisma Access for MSPs Page on LIVEcommunity!

04-13-2022 — Head to LIVEcommunity's new resource page for Prisma Access for MSPs, a SASE solution that introduces hierarchical multi-tenancy.

Label: MSP prisma Prisma Access Prisma Access MSP
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