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Prisma Cloud is a comprehensive cloud-native security platform with the industry’s broadest security and compliance coverage.
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Enabling SSO JIT with Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure Active Directory)

02-13-2024 — This document provides guidance on how to configure Single Sign On (SSO) between Prisma Cloud Enterprise and Microsoft Entra ID (formally known as Azure Active Directory, or Azure AD) to use Just-i... — Read more

Labels: Active Directory Groups Azure Single Sign On (SSO) Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) JIT Microsoft Entra.
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Prisma Cloud CWP Radar

01-25-2024 — Visibility is a crucial part of cyber-security because “if you cannot see the asset, then you cannot protect it.” Prisma Cloud Workload protection has a RADARS section which helps visualize digital... — Read more

Labels: Cloud Security Cloud Workload Protection Containers Hosts Kubernetes Clusters Radar Serverless Visibility
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Inject Secrets Into Containers Using AWS Secret Manager

01-23-2024 — A Secrets Manager is a secure and centralized tool or service used in the field of information technology and cybersecurity to store, manage, and access sensitive information, commonly referred to ... — Read more

Labels: AWS AWS Secrets Manager Prisma Cloud Compute Runtime Security Secrets
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Best Practices for scripting RQL queries

12-26-2023 — Prisma Cloud collects data about cloud resources in your cloud accounts and allows extracting information about those cloud resources such that answers to common security questions can be answered,... — Read more

Labels: Beginner to Intermediate Level prioritize risk reference “Prisma Cloud Administrator’s Guide” thread feed threat intelligence vulnerability detection Vulnerability management
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Runtime Security: Auto-deploy DaemonSet Defender using Kubernetes Service Account

11-03-2023 — The Prisma Cloud Runtime Security DaemonSet auto-deploy feature uses a kubeconfig file generated from a kubernetes service account with limited permissions. PurposeIf you aim to streamline the d... — Read more

Labels: DaemonSet Defender Deployment Kubernetes Prisma Cloud Compute Runtime Security Service Account
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General Discussions

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Prisma Cloud Policy - Check if Logging is enabled for HTTP(S) Load Balancer in GCP

Based on CIS Benchmark, there is an gcloud cli command to check if the Enable logging is enabled. From Google Cloud CLI Run the following command ... — Read more

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Can we use Prisma cloud WAAS to protect AWS ALB

Hi All, Can we use Prisma cloud WAAS to protect AWS ALB? As I've checked it can protect host or container ..but need to know if it act as WAF same l... — Read more

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Prisma cloud rql join filter

How can I use the cloud account filter in an RQL query? I'm putting together a query to display which screen images are not in use and I would need to... — Read more

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Can't find needed for RQL Query formation

I can't seem to find any neither under the cloud.service: "Azure Security Center" or "Azure Defender for Cloud" relating to Defender Security... — Read more

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Prism Cloud Compute Twistlock - Splunk Integration Test Error

I have configured Splunk alert integration into Prisma cloud compute version Twistlock with the Splunk HEC URL, token, and cacert, but while doing the... — Read more

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Prisma Cloud Environments Refresh

02-22-2024 — We are pleased to announce that our Prisma Cloud Environment web pages have now been updated and aligned with Darwin content!

Labels: Cloud Security Darwin Prisma Cloud
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Minimize Challenges and Mitigate Risks

01-10-2024 — To stay relevant, organizations must be nimble, offering new services, and capabilities that transform their customers' experiences while managing the volatile world of cyber attackers. In this dynamic environment, application development has a...

Labels: application lifecycle Cloud Security Containers PaaS Prisma Cloud Risk Management Serverless shift left
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How to navigate the new Prisma Cloud Tech Docs

11-03-2023 — How to navigate the new Prisma Cloud Tech Docs

Labels: Prisma Cloud TechDocs technical documentation
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How to identify PII and Malware for Object Stores

08-24-2023 — Data security relates to the process of protecting your data from unauthorized access. As far as Prisma Cloud is concerned, our Data Security solution will enable you to discover and classify sensitive data stored in AWS S3 buckets and Azure Blob ...

Labels: Cloud Security Data Patterns Data Policies Data Profiles Data Security Object Stores Prisma Cloud
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Third-Party GitHub Actions: Effects of an Opt-Out Permission Model

08-22-2023 — GitHub Actions, for good reason, is the go-to choice for countless developers. Despite its convenience, though, potential security risks accompany third-party actions. In this post, we share how the world’s most popular repositories fail to manage...

Labels: Application Security AppSec cicd Cloud Security Github Prisma Cloud Research VCS VCS Security
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