Prisma SD-WAN CloudBlades
The Prisma CloudBlades platform seamlessly delivers comprehensive branch services - such as security, multi-cloud, and collaboration tools - without needing to update your branch appliance or controller, thus eliminating service disruptions.
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Prisma SD-WAN CloudBlades

The Palo Alto Networks CloudBlades platform enables the seamless integration of branch services into the SASE fabric, without needing to update your branch appliances or controllers, thus eliminating service disruptions and complexity. This unique cloud-based API architecture automates deployments of third party services, enabling organizations to simplify network operations and multi-cloud connectivity and expedite deployments.


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Prisma Access Cloudblade BGP options

I have a question on one of the BGP settings when Cloudblades is set up. In the BGP config on the site, one of the options is "Prisma forward received... — Read more

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Failed to save "Policy name". - NAT extension cannot be enabled for the device having support for nat policy

We have ION 2K device and unable to enable the NAT policies in this device after upgrading it to 5.4.13 ION version. Getting the following error, I am... — Read more

posted in Prisma SD-WAN CloudBlades Discussions

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Have you heard? Prisma SD-WAN CloudBlades

Did you know that Prisma SD-WAN CloudBlades enables API-based integration of the branch CPE and provides a centralized platform for programming and ap... — Read more

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Simplify Multicloud Connectivity With Prisma SD-WAN and Google Cloud

09-14-2021 — Enterprise multi-cloud adoption is on the rise. Here's how Prisma SD-WAN can help. Find out how Palo Alto Networks' next-generation Prisma SD-WAN can help simplify cloud adoption thanks to the integration with Google Cloud. — Read more

Labels: CloudBlade CloudBlades google cloud platform Prisma SD-WAN
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Simplify and Automate Prisma SD-WAN to AWS Through the Prisma CloudBlades Platform

09-08-2021 — This integration provides a simple and automated way to extend your Prisma SD-WAN fabric to AWS through the Prisma CloudBlades platform. — Read more

Labels: AWS CloudBlade CloudBlades cloudgenix IPSec SD-WAN
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Prisma SD-WAN Is Now Compatible With ServiceNow Integration CloudBlade

08-12-2021 — With Prisma SD-WAN’s integration with ServiceNow, customers can now further modernize their IT operations and significantly improve end-user experience. — Read more

Labels: CloudBlades Prisma SD-WAN SD-WAN
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Prisma SD-WAN and the CloudBlades Platform

07-22-2021 — Find out how Palo Alto Networks' Prisma SD-WAN CloudBlades can help your enterprise. — Read more

Labels: Cloud CloudBlades SD-WAN
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Simplify Multi-Cloud Connectivity with Prisma SD-WAN for Google Cloud Platform

07-23-2021 — This document outlines how Prisma SD-WAN (formerly CloudGenix) integrates with Google Cloud Platform to modernize enterprise connectivity. Focus topics include: Growing Cloud ChallengesAutomating branch-to-GCP connectivity with CloudBladesLeveraging Prisma SD-WAN and GCP Integration for a Comp... — Read more

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