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Integration Resources

Palo Alto Networks partners and customers collaborate on topics related to integration on the Palo Alto Networks products for extending the capabilities of the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform. Technology partners can integrate via an extensible platform by building apps on Cortex by Palo Alto Networks.

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App for QRadar

Integrate QRadar with the Palo Alto Networks platform to streamline operations and improve security. The Palo Alto Networks app for QRadar allows the security team to reduce, prioritize, and correlate Palo Alto Networks events using the QRadar dashboard, enabling rapid response to the most critical threats from a single dashboard.

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Automation / API

Security automation is key to the success of any organization in preventing cyber attacks. Palo Alto Networks products have comprehensive APIs to enable automation.

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Cloud Integration

The scripts, templates and resources on this page are contributions from Palo Alto Networks and from the community at large – both customers and partners. They are intended to help streamline your deployment of the VM-Series in the public cloud and your virtualized data center.

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Expedition is the fourth evolution of the Palo Alto Networks Migration Tool. The purpose of this tool is to help reduce the time and efforts of migrating a configuration from a supported vendor to Palo Alto Networks.

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HTTP Log Forwarding

HTTP Log Forwarding was introduced in PAN-OS 8.0 to enable better integration between your firewall and IT infrastructure by triggering an action or initiating a workflow on an external HTTP-based service when a log is generated on the firewall.

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Maltego for AutoFocus

Maltego is a data visualization tool which allows users to explore the relationships between entities interactively through Transforms. Transforms allow users to query disparate data sources and present a view of the retrieved data in a single view.

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Best Practice Assessment

Best Practice Assessment (BPA) Tool — The BPA for next-generation firewalls and Panorama evaluates a device’s configuration by measuring the adoption of capabilities, validating whether the policies adhere to best practices, and providing recommendations and instructions for how to remediate failed best practice checks.

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Quickplay Solutions

This site houses a collection of pre-built, ready-to-use content to deploy, configure, exercise and assess a security infrastructure. The goal is to provide ‘easy button’ solutions that save time and align to recommended practices.

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Activity in Tools

Cortex XDR Api

Good Morning,


From today the cortex xdr api is not working correctly, every query is responding with an internal server error while up to yesterday all was working correctly.
Someone knows if there are ongoing changes at backend level or to the api di


NicoloS by L0 Member
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