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Cloud Integration

The scripts, templates and resources on this page are contributions from Palo Alto Networks and from...

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Expedition is the fourth evolution of the Palo Alto Networks Migration Tool. The purpose of this too...

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Palo Alto Networks Telemetry resource page provides information on how telemetry empowers customers ...

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Activity in Tools

Expedition 1.2.0 Hotfix Information

Version 1.2.0 (Date October 21, 2021) PACKAGE DOWNLOAD INFORMATION Link sha1sum 2a7d91df15293eaff11ad26f1077d4f04e57637f apt update sudo apt-get update; sudo a...

Resolved! Is the conversionupdate server having an issue?

I attempted to do a fresh install last night and when the script attempts to install the GPG key, it's receiving a 404. ####################Installing Expedition debian repository --2021-10-21 23:36:37--

Sonicwall Migration with v2

Expedition v2 says that it supports Sonicwall migrations, but when I launch a new project, Sonicwall isn't an option to import. I have updated to the latest version using apt-get. Is this a known issue/gap between the documentation and the current ve...

Expedition 1 on Ubuntu 20.04 Server

Hello! We know you are all concerned on having the Expedition tool on an old not-supported Ubuntu. You had requested several times to increase support for newer versions of the OS, and we have finally reached to the point we can present Expedition on...

Expedition 1.1.113 Hotfix Information

Version 1.1.113 (Date October 7, 2021) PACKAGE DOWNLOAD INFORMATION Link sha1sum 7ff6de49d0940c4ef68f743117feb583145ef141 apt update sudo apt-get update; sud...

Resolved! Expedition Migration Checkpoint User ID

Hello All, we have done a Migration from Checkpoint (R80.20) to Palo Alto with Expedition. Everything is working good and the Configuration is already imported into the new 5200 Cluster. Since there are more than 3000 Security Policies, we have done ...

Imported CSV log files not processing

Hi All, I have been having issues with logs files not showing up or being processed in ML. Set up is Expedition on 20.04, connected to panorama to pull in devices. Selected firewall set up to copy logs via SCP as my own user, which works fine. Added ...

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