How to Manage Your Subscriptions and Email Notifications

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Subscriptions and notifications are critical components for interacting with the community. Here’s a primer on how to make them work for you.



Subscribing to an area is an easy way to stay up-to-date on the happenings on that area in LIVEcommunity. 



If a page or area is of interest to you, you can subscribe to them to receive notifications—by email or in the community or both—when a new blog or article is posted to the area or a comment or reply is made.


To subscribe to an area, blog, or article, expand the “Options” dropdown in the upper righthand corner and click Subscribe from the dropdown.


We recommend you start by subscribing to the landing page for the product you use. Or, if you’re more interested in general happenings and information, you can start by subscribing to the LIVEcommunity Blog and LIVEcommunity Discussions areas.




Managing Notifications for Subscribed Activities

You can change your email notifications by selecting My Subscriptions under your username in the top-right corner; from here, you can edit your subscriptions, delete all subscriptions, and sign up for or deselect email notifications. 


You can further customize your notification settings under the notification settings tab, which allows you to edit the frequency and circumstance for push, mobile, and email notifications. 



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