Different Ways to Get Visibility into Prisma Access

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The following are different solutions (but not limited) to provide visibility into Prisma Access deployment.


  • Panorama
    • Bandwidth Utilization on Service Connection and Remote Networks:
      Navigate to Panorama > Cloud Services > Status > Monitor > Service Connection/Remote Networks. The click on Region of interest. This will show a pop-up window with Status of the regions. Click on Statistics on bottom to see bandwdith utilization
    • Viewing User Count from the Panorama Web Interface for different locations and deployments
    • Using CLI commands on Panorama:
      • request plugins 'cloud_services gpcs remote-active-users-count'
      • request plugins 'cloud_services gpcs remote-90days-users-count'
      • debug plugins 'cloud_services gpcs query action <action_type>'
    • API Calls
      • XML API for remote-active-user-count:
        https://<panorama-ip-address>/api/?type=op&cmd=<request><plugins><cloud_services><prisma-access><remote-active-users-count></remote-active-users-count></prisma-access></cloud_services></plugins></request>&key=<Panorama's -API-Key>

      • XML API for remote-90days-users-count:
        https://<panorama-ip-address>/api/?type=op&cmd=<request><plugins><cloud_services><prisma-access><remote-90days-users-count></remote-90days-users-count></prisma-access></cloud_services></plugins></request>&key=<Panorama's -API-Key>

  • Cortex XDR Integration. Example playbook
  • SLR Report and ACC tab on Panorama for security insight into the deployment
  • Email Forwarding of critical logs. For example, to slack channel for operation teams
  • Log forwarding to syslog server to graph/dashboard different statistics but not limited to
    • User distribution across gateways
    • IP assignment
  • Configure Netflow on your on-prem devices against tunnels created for Service Connections or Remote Networks to view bandwidth utilization
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