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Network Security

The Zero Trust Network Security Platform that secures a world where any user can work anywhere—without restrictions. Get the best-in-class security that stops the attacks of today and tomorrow, without sacrificing the performance that your business needs.

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Cloud Delivered Security Services

Cloud-Delivered Security Services are natively integrated, offering best-in-class protection consistently, everywhere. This one-of-a-kind protection uses the network effect of global customers to share intelligence from all threat vectors to stop known, unknown and zero day threats by delivering more than 4.3M unique security updates per day.

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Secure Access Service Edge

Prisma SASE simplifies operations by converging best-of-breed networking and security into a single service. Unified management and a shared data lake improve team collaboration and streamline operations.

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Cloud Native Application Protection

Application modernization is driving organizations to the cloud. Rapid cloud adoption, without both continuous visibility and proactive threat prevention throughout the development lifecycle, leaves applications with significant risk.

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Security Operations

Palo Alto Networks delivers industry-first, category-defining technologies by focusing on product development and innovation. Cortex solutions have transformed security operations by continuously bringing new features to market that boost security efficacy and disrupt the status quo.

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Cortex XSOAR New Content Pack Release - May 23'

New Content Packs Release

For more info on use cases, integrations, and related documentation, click on the Pack title:


Forcepoint DLP event collector


Free Feeds
This content Pack helps set up free feeds (Plug & Fetch, Free with sign


rtsedaka by L4 Transporter
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Hi I am trying to deploy Cloud NGFW for AWS using Terraform, but seems to be going around in circles. 


I have a simple provider config:

provider "cloudngfwaws" {
  arn                     = "arn:aws:iam::123456789:role/cloudngfwaws"


Cloud NGFW Deployment Guide

Cloud NGFW is the industry’s only machine learning (ML)-powered NGFW delivered as a cloud-native service on Azure. With Cloud NGFW, you can run more apps securely at cloud speed and cloud-scale with an actual cloud-native experience. There is no tra


bpelham by L3 Networker
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By RD Singh, Sr. Customer Success Engineer


Prisma Cloud Code Security helps to detect mis-configured IaC templates based on various standards and best practices. It also helps findings vulnerabilites in open source packages and their depedencie


RPrasadi by L4 Transporter
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