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Can't delete aws account

Same issue as There's no movement on this thread


I deleted all the FMS firewalls.


I'm subscribed to Premium support and I can'


Resolved! Deploy NGFW in eu-west-2



I am trying to deploy NGFW in eu-west-2, but it's failing on the Cloudformation template. Steps below:

1. Subscribe to NGFW via AWS Marketplace (which is global and not per region).

2. Click on the verification email and set up new password. Th


SZanpure by L2 Linker
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Resolved! Unsubscribe option for cloud NGFW

How do i unsubscribe cloud NGFW service from the current IAM account and subscribe with a different account? There is no "unsubscribe" option either in the portal or via AWS console. Am in missing something? 

Programmatic Access for Cloud NGFW

Where can I find more information about programmatic access for Cloud NGFW? Also can I use AWS Cloudformation Templates to create and manage Cloud NGFW resources?


Note that I have already enabled the "Programmatic Access" button in the Cloud NGFW U


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