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Welcome to the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series on Alibaba Cloud ((Aliyun)) resource page. Here you will find information about VM-Series on Alibaba Cloud to help you get started or find advanced architecture designs and other resources to help accelerate your VM-Series deployment. Engage the community and ask questions in the discussion forum below.

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Alibaba Cloud VM-Series HA

The Terraform script will create the following:

  • A Function Compute service and one function:
    • A timer function that runs once per minute to check VM NGFW healthy status and move to standby NGFW when Primary NGFW has problem. And when the Primary NGFW back to normal, swicthing back.
  • An AliCloud RAM policy for Function Compute service to perform VPC, ECS changes
  • A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Three security groups, management, trust and untrust
  • Three vswitches
  • A default route to Primary NGFW
  • Two VM series NGFW in separate AZs
  • Two nginx servers running in trust vswitches

Alibaba Cloud Load Balancer Sandwich skillet

This Alibaba-Cloud-Load-Balancer-Sandwich skillet can be used to launch a LB sandwich environment.

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Support VM HA (HAVIP) on Alibaba Cloud

Do we have any plan to support VM HA (HAVIP) on Alibaba Cloud? Please refer to this discussion here.

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