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Resolved! GKE. Dataplane V2


Is using  Dataplane V2  supported by the cn-series firewall?


This is the Recommended option and will be enabled by default in a future release by Google.


/Jo Christian

Workload Identity


Does the CN-series firewalls support Kubernetes cluster with Workload Identity enabled?

Several reasons for asking. Main reasons being.
* Cluster security is changed.

* -worklo


CN Firewalls - Syntax

OK - so I can my two pan-mgmt-sts containers running and all is in synch .


Question , If I were usign a native PAN devices then I have a syntax I can use to download updates etc  from the command line..... 


What is it on the CN firewalls - it's a


CN Firewalls - AV updates/ WF updates

Hello All 


First time posting to this board so be real gentle with me . 


My question is around the CN series firewalls . Been wrestling with these babies for a while now and have read PA-CTNR unsupported platform guide back to front , back to fro


CN - Firewalls - Upgrade Sequence

So you have successfully updated container images  for pan-mgmt-sts and pan-ngfw. 


However when you updates the CNI images ngfw pods stop being able to talk .


Tried applying all and restarting all pods and it still fails. 


CNI 1.0.4 seems to be