Welcome to the CN-Series Live Community page! CN-Series container next-generation firewalls protect inbound, outbound, and east-west traffic between container trust zones and other workload types in Kubernetes environments. This page provides technical demonstrations, best practices, and other resources to help better understand how to use and get value from CN-Series firewalls.
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Why would I need a CN-Series if I have a VM-Series?

Both VM-Series and CN-Series firewalls can be used to protect container environments. The major difference between the two is the granularity of visib...

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What is the difference between a container firewall and a virtual firewall?

As their names suggest, the major difference between a container firewall and a virtual firewall is the fact that container firewalls are deployed as ...

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CN-Series Articles

Need to Secure Cloud Native Applications? Take a Look at Airport Security

12-10-2020 — Securing an airport and securing your cloud-native applications have more in common than you may realize – and two essentials of airport threat prevention nicely illustrate why virtual and container NGFWs...

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How Palo Alto Networks addresses critical container security requirements

12-10-2020 — Container adoption is on a serious rise, which is why we’re releasing CN-Series, the containerized version of our ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), designed specifically for Kubernetes environments....

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January VM-Series and CN-Series News

yesterday — This January edition of our monthly software firewall update includes our recent developments with VM-Series virtual firewalls and CN-Series container firewalls.

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December VM-Series and CN-Series News

12-17-2020 — In the latest VM-Series and CN-Series developments, find out about getting 5G-native security in VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid environments with CN-Series container firewalls, see why VM-Series firewalls...

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New CN-Series Offline Token Management

10-27-2020 — Learn more about the new CN-Series Offline Token Management in the Customer Service Portal.

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Can’t Miss September VM-Series and CN-Series Updates

09-21-2020 — Can’t-miss September updates: See what’s new with VM-Series and CN-Series. September VM-Series and CN-Series Updates

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Container Firewalls Give Hybrid Security a Big Boost

08-19-2020 — See Our Container Firewall in Action and Get the Latest VM-Series and Hybrid Cloud News

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