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Welcome to the Software NGFW Credits Live Community page. On this page you will find in-depth resources on how to use Software NGFW Credits to consume our software NGFWs, Cloud-Delivered Security Services, and virtual Panorama management.


What are Software NGFW Credits?

In February, Palo Alto Networks introduced Software NGFW Credits as a new, more flexible way for our customers to procure VM-Series and CN-Series NGFWs. Now, you can purchase Software NGFW Credits and allocate them as needed to software firewalls, cloud-delivered security services and virtual Panorama - all managed from the Customer Support Portal.


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Software NGFW Credits Benefits

Flexibility is the key benefit for customers who use Software NGFW Credits. Here are some examples:


On-demand Network Security: Once you’ve purchased Software NGFW Credits, you can allocate them to software firewalls and security services whenever you need them. Procure a VM-Series virtual NGFW today and reallocate the same credits to a CN-Series container NGFW in the future. 


Flexible Firewall Sizing: Not sure how fast your private or public cloud environment will grow in the mid to long term? When customers use Software NGFW Credits to procure VM-Series NGFWs, they are no longer bound to our traditional fixed firewall sizes (i.e. VM-50, VM-100, VM-300, VM-500, VM-700). Instead, you can now specify the number of vCPUs you would like to allocate for each NGFW. As your environment grows over time, you can simply add additional cores to your virtual firewall without having to purchase and redeploy larger models.


Flexible Security Services: Rather than purchasing bundles of security services, now you can select the ideal security services to meet your needs a la carte. As needs change over time, you can reallocate Software NGFW Credits to the security services required to solve your new use cases.


Instant Access to New Security Services: When new cloud-delivered security services are made generally available, you’ll be able to immediately procure them with your Software NGFW Credits. 


Resource Tracking & Visibility: Track how many Software NGFW Credits you’ve purchased, how many you’ve allocated, and how many you have remaining all from the Customer Support Portal. You can also see where your software firewalls have been deployed between on-prem and public cloud environments.


Want to Purchase Software NGFW Credits?

Ask your Palo Alto Networks sales representative about purchasing Software NGFW Credits today!



Videos always help to visualize and explain things quickly when you want to understand how something works, and these perfectly show how to manage NGFW credits. 


We have broken down them into 6 chapters, and a Bonus 7th chapter is planned in the next week, so stay tuned.


Chapter 1: Activation Email


See additional videos in the playlist here.


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I have followed the documentation but am unable to create the NGFW's for utilization in a lab environment without an authorization code.  I have the available credits as well as have them allocated 


Am I missing something?  



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