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Prisma Cloud and Qualys integration on GCP

Hi, according to the documentation, it shows that the integration of Qualys in Prisma Cloud is supported on AWS and Azure, does it also apply to ...

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a week ago

Monitor>Vulnerabilities>Hosts>VM Images renders no data

Monitor>Vulnerabilities>Hosts>Running Hosts renders 5 pages of Hostnames and their CVEs.However...Monitor>Vulnerabilities>Hosts>VM I...

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a week ago

Jenkins Plugin: Scanner failed to run properly. Cannot run --http-proxy

Given Jenkins running in a containerAnd Prisma Cloud Jenkins PluginAnd Dashboard View PluginAnd Static Analysis UtilitiesAnd Jenkins Pipeline projectA...

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a week ago

Want to list AWS resources which are not used used for certain days

Can someone please help with RQL to list AWS resources which are not used for 30 or more than 30 days ? 

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2 weeks ago

Events Log Fields

any reference doc for events log fields? 

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Prisma Cloud Videos

Prisma Cloud: Securing the Cloud (EDU-150)

This course discusses Prisma Cloud and includes the following topics: accessing Prisma Cloud and onboarding cloud accounts, monitoring cloud resources, generating reports for standards compliance, investigating security violations, resolving security violation alerts, integrating Prisma Cloud with third-party security platforms and SIEMs, and troubleshooting common issues.

For an overview of this course, please watch the video below.

To access this course please visit

(Note: you will need a Palo Alto Networks user ID to access the courseware.)

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