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Prisma Cloud is a comprehensive cloud-native security platform with the industry’s broadest security and compliance coverage.
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Welcome to Prisma Cloud in the LIVEcommunity

This resource page provides helpful resources for Prisma Cloud and the compute capabilities available within it. Share your questions or answers in the Prisma Cloud Discussion forum to engage with other cloud security professionals. Meet Prisma Cloud customers, share ideas, and gain knowledge.


Understanding the Security Posture of your organization - CVE and Zero Day Vulnerability Management

03-17-2023 — The Prisma Cloud product from Palo Alto Networks has a number of threat landscape views along with preventative tools to help mitigate the risks of a vulnerability, including zero-day vulnerabiliti...

Labels: Assets Beginner to Intermediate Level Compute CWPP Log4j prioritize risk reference “Prisma Cloud Compute Edition Administrator’s Guide” Security Posture thread feed threat intelligence vulnerability detection
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Enhanced Alert Remediation for Prisma™ Cloud CSPM using Cortex™ XSOAR

03-16-2023 — Prisma Cloud allows you to create policies to ensure that your Cloud Security Posture Management is in compliance with best practices and the needs of your organization. These policies create alert...

Labels: auto-remediation CLI Command Playbooks Prisma Cloud XSOAR
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GitOps with Prisma Cloud Code Security

02-28-2023 — Introducing infrastructure as code scanning into your GitOps flow with Prisma Cloud Code Security.

Labels: Cloud Security Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) GitOps IAC Prisma "cloud code security" (CCS) module Prisma Cloud Code Security
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Collection Scoping and Organizing Cloud Resources

02-01-2023 — Incident response is a daily problem to solve in cybersecurity. Bad actors are constantly looking for new ways to hack into an enterprise. Due to the consequences of ill-intentioned hacking causing...

Labels: Approach Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) Collection Scoping Compute Edition Organizing Cloud Resources Prisma Cloud Compute Edition
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Configuring Agentless VM Scanning for Azure Cloud

12-27-2022 — This guide describes how to configure agentless vulnerability and compliance scanning for virtual machines in Microsoft Azure subscriptions. This article will use a credential dedicated to the a...

Labels: Agentless compliance scanning Compute Edition Intermediate Skill Level Microsoft Azure subscriptions Prisma Cloud Compute Edition Prisma Cloud Intelligence Stream(IS) VM Scanning vulnerability detection Vulnerability management
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General Discussions

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Prisma Insights API in PowerShell

Hi all - I am looking for some help. I have been asked if I can extract data using the Prisma Insights API, I have used PowerShell for this in the pas...

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URL DB Version in Prisma

Hi Team, Please let me know how to check the URL DB version for Prisma. As checked in Dynamic updates i can see only Antivirus, Application and Threa...

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Prisma Cloud Remediation - Invalid CLI script

In Prisma Cloud SaaS, while creating custom remediation with cli commands, using custom variables or other cli command (such as grep) is not allowed a...

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Connect Gitlab self-managed private DNS

Hello, I want to configure GitLab Self-Managed to Prisma Cloud Code Security and we have a private Gitlab domain.Is it possible ? or do we have to c...

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images scanning: propagate CI image scan rules to registry scan

Hi, Is it possible in Prisma Cloud to have the same rules configured for the CI scan of an image propagated to the registry scan of that same image? I...

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Custom Secrets Policies

03-24-2023 — You can now create custom secrets policies using regular expression patterns. Once custom policies are defined, Prisma Cloud will search for matches to your regular expressions across your repositories, including in integrations and Checkov. This ...

Labels: Checkov cloud code security custom policies Prisma Cloud
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Prisma Cloud Projects Screen 2.0 🚀

03-17-2023 — Prisma Cloud’s Projects screen enhancements streamline their risk prioritization and decision making processes.

Labels: Prisma Cloud
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Visibility in the Code & Build Lifecycle

03-09-2023 — With the introduction of CBDR (Code, Build, Deploy, Run) Implementation Plans on LiveCommunity, Palo Alto Networks is enhancing how we look at Prisma Cloud in our customers' environments. Prisma Cloud touches every part of your app and infrastruct...

Labels: Build CBDR code Code & Build Deploy Image Analysis Sandbox Prisma Cloud Run
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Deploy Life Cycle

02-01-2023 — In the Code Build Deploy & Run (CBDR) framework, securing the Deploy Lifecycle can help you prevent privileged containers, poisoned pipelines, compliance violations, and exposed branches before deploying your workloads. This blog discusses how ...

Labels: Compute Compute Edition creating policies creating rules Defender Prisma Cloud radar view registry scanning
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Cloud-Based Attack Vectors and Preventions

01-19-2023 — Best practices for protecting against cloud-based attack vectors. This blog will explore some of the best practices for protecting against cloud-based attack vectors.

Labels: Prisma Cloud
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