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Prisma Cloud is a comprehensive cloud-native security platform with the industry’s broadest security and compliance coverage.
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Welcome to Prisma Cloud in the LIVEcommunity

This resource page provides helpful resources for Prisma Cloud and the compute capabilities available within it. Share your questions or answers in the Prisma Cloud Discussion forum to engage with other cloud security professionals. Meet Prisma Cloud customers, share ideas, and gain knowledge.


Dashboarding In Prisma Cloud

05-28-2024 — The Prisma Cloud Darwin release enables you to utilize out of the box dashboards as well as custom dashboards. With the capabilities to track and monitor your cloud security posture ranging from vu... — Read more

Labels: Dashboards Prisma Cloud
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Auto-Deployment Of Windows Container Defenders to GKE Window nodes

05-28-2024 — This document presents a step-by-step guide for automating the deployment of Prisma Cloud Windows container defender to Google Kubernetes Engine Windows nodes. You will set up a Kubernetes cluster ... — Read more

Labels: Container Defender Defender Deployment GKE Kubernetes Prisma Cloud Compute Runtime Security Windows
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Enabling Azure Resources with RBAC

05-01-2024 — This document goes over how to configure Azure RBAC providing fine-grained access to Azure Resources and visibility in Prisma Cloud. With Azure RBAC, you can create a role definition that outlin... — Read more

Labels: Azure RBAC Cloud Security Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) Least Privilege Prisma Cloud
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How To Configure Agentless VM Scanning For Azure Cloud Accounts In Compute SaaS

04-22-2024 — This guide describes how to configure agentless vulnerability and compliance scanning of virtual machines in Microsoft Azure subscriptions. This example uses Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition (PCEE,... — Read more

Labels: Agentless VM Scanning Azure Cloud Accounts Cloud Security Compute SaaS Configuration PCEE Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition
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Options to Onboard a GCP Cloud Resource Hierarchy into Prisma Cloud

03-25-2024 — “Auto Create Account Groups” is a useful feature for managing a large number of GCP projects and folders. If there are various teams creating folders and projects in your organization, it makes ... — Read more

Labels: Auto Map Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) GCP Organization Onboarding Nested Account Groups Prisma Cloud Recursive Hierarchy
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Prisma cloud Onboarding support AWS Org level || #prismacloud #cspm #cwpp #onboarding #aws

Hi Folks, I am trying to onboard AWS org to Prisma cloud.. When uploading CFT template in the AWS CloudFormation portal under StackSets, I am gettin... — Read more

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Creating CI/build and run policies for container image labels / Dockerfile instructions

We have been deploying custom build and run policies via Checkov (targeting Terraform resources, i.e.: VMs). We do this via the Governance pane in the... — Read more

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Creating 2 or more hub accounts for Agentless Scanning

Hi Folks,We recently tested agentless scanning using hub account method on one cloud provider somewhat successfully. We are moving onto enabling it fo... — Read more

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Vulnerabilities report in Prisma Cloud

Hi All, I hope you are well. The reason why I am writing this one is that I need help of some PRISMA practitioners. With all of the shiny features b... — Read more

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Prisma & Sentinel Integration.

We are in situation where we wanted to have a Prisma Console integration with Sentinel but not through the MS Native Tool (MS Connector). Wanted to se... — Read more

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Implement Your Own Webhook Endpoint

04-17-2024 — There are numerous security concerns while using 3rd party Webhooks Providers like pipedream,, etc. However, a lesser known alternative is rather than relying on third-party webhook providers, you can implement your own webhook endpoint.

Labels: Cloud Security pipedream Prisma Cloud Webhook Webhook Endpoint
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04-17-2024 — As a Prisma Cloud user, you have access to a specific Prisma Cloud stack. When a user logs in to a stack, it gets a JWT token to access that specific stack.

Labels: Cloud Security cns CNS REST API Prisma Cloud Rest Api
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Network Analyzer Query via REST API

04-17-2024 — Network Analyzer Query via REST API

Labels: Cloud Security Network Analyzer Performing Config Search with Network RQL's Prisma Cloud Rest Api RQL
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Agent Vs Agentless: Determining the Right Deployment Option for Cloud Workload Protection (CWP)

03-25-2024 — Organizations are embracing the cloud to facilitate digital transformation, from lifting and shifting to building cloud-native applications. Utilizing both public and private cloud services, they can swiftly and efficiently deliver applications an...

Labels: Cloud Native Application Protection Platform Cloud Security Cloud Workload Protection Platform CWPP Prisma Cloud
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REGISTER NOW: Prisma Cloud Presents Code to Cloud Roadshow

02-26-2024 — Our experts will explain the possible risks across the entire application lifecycle and discuss how to use code-to-cloud intelligence to prioritize, remediate, and mitigate these risks efficiently, at scale, and before they become breaches. After,...

Labels: Cloud Native Application Platform Cloud Security CNAPP Prisma Cloud Roadshow
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