Enterprise Data Loss Prevention


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Enterprise Data Loss Prevention

Palo Alto Networks’ Enterprise DLP is the industry’s first cloud-delivered solution that comprehensively protects all sensitive data across every network, cloud and user. It easily enables data protection and compliance in minutes, eliminating deployment and ongoing management cycles to ensure the most cost-effective enterprise DLP on the market.
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Why a Comprehensive Approach to Data Security is Better than a Partial One?

Data has become more pervasive and ubiquitous in the last 10 years. The relentless expansion of data has made it impossible to overlook the fact that ...

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What is Enterprise Data Loss Prevention and Why does it Matter?

An organization’s data is its most valuable asset. Modern enterprises are data-driven entities that rely on using the right nugget of information to m...

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Preventing the Risks of Data Loss and Noncompliance in Highly Distributed Modern Enterprises

11-19-2020 — Every organization must protect its reputation from the threat of data breaches. New trends and data usage models affect data visibility and control. As enterprises adopt cloud-based services and their...

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Back Up Your Data! LIVEcommunity Reminds You on World Backup Day

2 weeks ago — Sharing our thoughts about keeping your data safe, intact and accessible! World Backup Day 2021 is a reminder to make a copy of your valued data.

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Observing Data Privacy Day with LIVEcommunity

01-28-2021 — Data Privacy Day is all about the importance of protecting privacy of personal information online. The goals include encouraging businesses to respect users’ privacy, while at the same time educating...

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New Enterprise Data Loss Prevention

11-18-2020 — Palo Alto Networks is proud to introduce the new cloud-delivered Data Loss Prevention. Click to get all of the details.

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