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Prisma Access

Prisma Access secures access to the cloud for branch offices and mobile users anywhere in the world with a scalable, cloud-native architecture that will soon be managed via a new streamlined cloud management UI. Prisma Access blends enterprise grade security with a globally scalable network that is soon available in well over 100 locations. In addition, service provider partners will be able to rapidly enable secure outbound internet connectivity for their customers. For known issues with Prisma Access, please review this Blog in LIVEcommunity: "Prisma Access FAQ To Scale Mobile Users."

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23 hours ago

Prisma Access - additional agent config for gateway settings

Hi,Does anyone know if there is a possibility for another agent config for gateway settings within the Mobile_User_Template ?It seems that whatever I ...

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a week ago

Send ClearPass XML-API IP-User mappings to PRSIMA firewalls

Hi there, We have Aruba ClearPass configured to send User-IP mappings via XML-API directly to all the Palo Alto MGMT IPs we have on premises.&nbs...

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3 weeks ago

Prisma access bandwidth/network utilization monitoring for mobile users or remote network

Hi,are there currently any ways for us to monitor the utilization for these cloud services?

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Prisma accees cloud managed or panorama managed, what's better???

Hi Team,I'm confused about what's better to implement if Prisma access cloud-managed or panorama managed?I read the compatibility matrix the limitatio...

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Prisma Access packet drop after reach 200 Mbps in the tunnel Bandwidth

Hi all, anybody have any problems with the PRISMA Access tunnel after reach 200 Mbps in the service connection BW?. We already configured one service ...

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Prisma Access Videos

Introduction to Prisma Access (EDU-118)

This course explains the fundamentals of licensing, activation, deployment, and operation of the product.

For an overview of this course, please watch the video below.

Before you can access this training, you must already have a Palo Alto Networks account in our Learning Center. If you do not have an existing account with Palo Alto Networks, go to the Learning Center Login page to register for an account. Select the appropriate user type and follow the directions provided to create an account. Employees may log in using their Palo Alto Networks credentials.

If you already have an account, the course is available directly at