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Our Next-Generation Firewalls provide true, complete visibility everywhere, along with precise policy control.
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Next-Generation Firewall

The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls provide true, complete visibility everywhere, along with precise policy control. This resource page provides information from getting started guides to many other trouble-shooting docs. Ask your questions or provide insightful answers in the discussion forum specific to Next-Generation Firewall.


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X-Forwarded-For displays wrong ip (v6) in logs

Hi. We have a azure setup, web application, where an agw first terminates traffic and applies xff and then forwards to firewalls which then decrypt ... — Read more

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Network Security

We have a one customer who is using URL Filtering . The customer is unable to access chat GPT Website . We have tried to change the URL profiles but s... — Read more

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rulebase -> security -> rules -> permit_common 'permit_common' is already in use

After importing configuration and after clicking on commit I get this, who know how can I solve itrulebase -> security -> rules -> permit_com... — Read more

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how to export security policy in json format

Is their any why to export Panorama managed security Policies in JSON file

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Create security policy & move to top at a time

When I create a security policy it goes bottom of the list. Is there any way that I can create the security policy it will go top of the list? I am us... — Read more

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Automating the Palo Alto NGFW's Process/Deamon Restarts

08-31-2023 — Find out how to automate the Palo Alto NGFW's process/deamon restarts. — Read more

Labels: Ansible Cortex Data Lake Cyberelite How to How-to NGFW PAN-Os
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GlobalProtect 5.1 EoL and 5.2 EoE Communication

08-01-2023 — NGFW and Prisma Access Customers running GlobalProtect 5.1.X are requested to consider upgrading GlobalProtect to 6.0.X and above. — Read more

Labels: GlobalProtect GlobalProtect 5.0 Network Security Management NGFW Prisma Access
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How to Extend Zero Trust OT Security to Meet Air Gap Requirements

06-02-2023 — Today we are excited to announce the general availability of the capability to extend our Zero Trust OT Security solution to air gapped environments. — Read more

Labels: Advanced Threat Protection NGFW Zero Security Zero Trust
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Register Now: "Disparate Security Vendors and Too Many Tools" Webinar

05-24-2023 — Join Palo Alto Networks' Security Consolidation Chat Webinar Series to learn about the evolving threat landscape, security trends, and recommendations for cybersecurity transformation. Security Consolidation Chat Webinar Series, Episode 1: Disp... — Read more

Labels: Events network security NGFW
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3 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Cloud NGFW for Azure

05-02-2023 — Check out three reasons why you should consider Cloud NGFW for Azure, Palo Alto Networks fully managed, Azure-native, NGFW service. — Read more

Labels: Azure Cloud Cloud NGFW for Azure NGFW
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VM-Series Sizing Guide for Google Cloud

09-06-2023 — This article describes the best practices for sizing Palo Alto Networks' VM-Series Next Generation Firewalls deployed on Google Cloud. Proper sizing of the deployment is very important because it provides an fairly accurate picture of how many fir... — Read more

Labels: Firewall VM-Series Google Cloud NGFW VM-Series
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PANCast Episode 25: Phishing Emails and Relevant Threat Prevention Features in PAN-OS

08-30-2023 — In this episode, we are discussing about Phishing, and the relevant Threat Prevention features in PAN-OS protecting against Phishing attacks. — Read more

Labels: NGFW threat prevention WildFire
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Empowering and Securing Banking and Financial Organizations

06-08-2023 — Digitization has revolutionized banking, empowering fintech firms to offer innovative services. Banks collaborate with fintech companies to enhance offerings and reach more customers. This shift is driven by the need to adapt to scalability and re... — Read more

Labels: NGFW VM-Series
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PANCast Episode 19: Helping TAC Help You

06-07-2023 — Learn about our responses to some feedback we received on our PANCast ideas forum page about engaging with Support. — Read more

Labels: NGFW PANCast tac
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Tips & Tricks: Filtering, Tags and Group Tags

05-17-2023 — Searching for the obvious can sometimes be hard. You simply might have overlooked something or you might have never needed it before. Things can become especially tricky when you have a security policy that's several hundreds of rules long. — Read more

Labels: administration Filtering Management Management & Administration NGFW Tag Tags
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