Next-Generation Firewall
Our Next-Generation Firewalls provide true, complete visibility everywhere, along with precise policy control.
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Next-Generation Firewall

The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls provide true, complete visibility everywhere, along with precise policy control. This resource page provides information from getting started guides to many other trouble-shooting docs. Ask your questions or provide insightful answers in the discussion forum specific to Next-Generation Firewall.


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Layer 2 network extension

Is it possible to extend the layer 2 network over the layer 3 network to the other site using Palo Alto Basically I am trying to extend the VLAN to ot... — Read more

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Not able to login into URL from behind the palo alto

Dear Team, Greeting...! We are trying to access one URL from behind the palo alto, it was accessible but we are not able to log in to that URL, an... — Read more

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PBR using Route failover

Hi All, Our organisation purchased two Mpls link and wants to configure an PBR like such 1) All intranet traffic like dns, ntp shoud go via primar... — Read more

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NGFW Threat & Traffics Log Fields

Hi Team, I am going through the traffic and threat logs of the NGFW. In the logs, I am unable to get the knowledge of the following fields " domain... — Read more

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IP sec tunnel

Hi Team, We have multiple IP-sec tunnels and want to clean up unused tunnels. Like we have the option of an unused rule for security policy, or we w... — Read more

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VM-Series Virtual Next-Generation Firewalls with Session Resilience in Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

03-27-2024 — Have you wanted the ability to auto-scale your Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Virtual Next-Generation Firewall, but also have session resiliency in the case of failover? With the release of Cosmos PAN-OS 11.1, your firewalls can now auto-scale and h... — Read more

Labels: Architecture GCloud GCP NGFW Session Resilience VM-Series
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Quantum Security Made Easy with RFC 8784 Standard

01-29-2024 — Palo Alto Networks makes it easy for its customers to protect themselves against quantum attacks using RFC8784, a step closer to achieving quantum-proof security. — Read more

Labels: NGFW Post-quantum Cryptography Quantum Security Quantum-resistant VPN RFC8784
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CN-Series Container Firewall Now Integrated with Cloud-Delivered IoT Security

01-29-2024 — Announcing the integration of the CN-Series Container Next-Generation Firewall with Cloud-Delivered IoT Security Subscription. — Read more

Labels: CN-Series Containers IoT Devices IoT Security Kubernetes NGFW software firewalls Zero-Trust
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Ease Deployment with OVN CNI Support for CN-Series on Red Hat OpenShift

01-24-2024 — We are pleased to announce the support for Red Hat OpenShift Networking’s OVN-Kubernetes Container Network Interface (CNI) plugin while running CN-Series Container Firewalls on Red Hat OpenShift. With this release, customers can use CN-Series cont... — Read more

Labels: CN-Series Container Firewalls NGFW OpenShift Red Hat Red Hat OpenShift
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Always Innovating in NetSec Series: User Experience, Threat Coverage and Management

01-09-2024 — In this edition, we have exciting announcements around innovations in AI Operations (AIOps) & Management, Advanced WildFire (Malware Analysis and Prevention) and Software Firewalls. This wide range of innovations cover areas of improving user expe... — Read more

Labels: Advanced Wildfire AIOps Always Innovating Next-Generation Firewalls NGFW Panorama threat prevention WildFire
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PANCast™ Episode 39: Troubleshooting Issues Related to Log Forwarding to Cloud

03-27-2024 — In this episode, we are discussing how to efficiently troubleshoot log forwarding to cloud services issue by identifying where to start, and few checks to perform. — Read more

Labels: Cortex Data Lake hub NGFW PANCast
232 1 by in PANCast™ Episodes

PANCast™ Episode 37: Device Onboarding Process to Panorama

02-28-2024 — This episode outlines the change in the device onboarding process to Panorama. — Read more

Labels: NGFW PANCast Panorama Strata
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PANCast™ Episode 34: Firewall Initial Setup

01-17-2024 — Received a new firewall to deploy? In this episode, we are discussing about 3 must-do things on the new firewall before putting it into production. — Read more

Labels: NGFW PANCast Strata
1021 1 4 by in PANCast™ Episodes

PANCast™ Episode 32: Detecting Brute Force Attacks with Palo Alto Networks Firewalls

12-07-2023 — Detecting and blocking Brute Force attacks with Palo Alto Networks Firewall. — Read more

Labels: NGFW PANCast threat prevention
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Nominated Discussion: Understanding Signature Versions

10-17-2023 — This Nominated Discussion Article is based on the post "What would this number be at the end of some signatures?" by @filipe.r.oliveira and answered by myself, JayGolf! Guys, I saw that there is a different number sometimes in the same signature. What would that be? what is it for? Is there an... — Read more

Labels: Network Security next-generation firewall NGFW
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