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Cant push config due to error

Getting error when trying to push configs from Pan - checked policy and it looks fine was not a problem previously? Details:. Validation Error:. rulebase -> security -> rules -> Deny_Inbound_Internet_Bad_IPsBOTNET -> source-hip unexpected here. ruleb...

Panorama messages.

hi. Any idea why panorama suddenly started sending this messages a lot opaque: gRPC connection to is broken, error: fail to parseTlsCert, err fail to load client cert[/root/client.pem], err open /root/client...

Custom report not listing hostnames

I have a custom traffic report which lists source address, dest address, application, and sessions. The web page result of the report populates 'source host name' and 'destination host name' results with names - either address object names or FQDN re...

Panarama migration M-100 to M-200

So I have been running my Panorama on an M-100 since I inherited it, now the M-100s are end of life and it is time to move on. So I bought an M-200, seemed reasonable at the time. Now trying to migrate, after working with TAC for a couple of weeks, t...

jdemares by L1 Bithead
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changing a gateway's management IP?

If i have a gateway managed via Panorama, what would be the steps needed if that gateway's management IP needs to change? The actual change of IP is straight forward. But then what about the changes needed between Panorama and that gateway?

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