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Resources for Cortex XSIAM, Palo Alto Networks’ autonomous security platform powering the Modern SOC.
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Cortex XSIAM

Welcome to the Cortex XSIAM resources page. Cortex XSIAM, the autonomous security platform powering the Modern SOC, operates across both cloud and enterprise security operations, providing true end-to-end-management of threats wherever they originate. This page provides information and resources to make your Palo Alto Networks journey as simple as possible. Ask your questions, find answers, connect with peers, and get access to troubleshooting resources all in one place.


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Simple QXL Query help needed

Hi All, withing query builder i have a very basic query as per below.. dataset = metrics_source | fields _vendor , _product , total_size_bytes whi... — Read more

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High Memory usage of Cortex Agent

Hi Team, Currently we are currently using XSIAM Agent v8.4, and it is consuming 300+mb of memory. How can we minimize its memory usage? Please see... — Read more

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XSIAM Alert Exclusions - Time lapse to apply actions upon using 'Create Alert Exclusion Rule'

Hi is there any specific guidance or information relating to how long it can take to apply 'auto-resolve' after creating an Alert Exclusion filter ru... — Read more

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Unified Inventory

Hello, I have come across references to 'Unified Inventory' in the documentation for XSIAM, Xpanse, and Prisma Cloud. Could anyone please clarify if t... — Read more

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Unified/Assets Inventory and XQL

Do we have the ability to call Unified Inventory or Assets Inventory via XQL Query? I have many interesting examples and potential use cases for how t... — Read more

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Threat Brief: CVE-2024-6387 OpenSSH RegreSSHion Vulnerability

07-15-2024 — On July 1, 2024, a critical signal handler race condition vulnerability was disclosed in OpenSSH servers (sshd) on glibc-based Linux systems. This vulnerability, called RegreSSHion and tracked as CVE-2024-6387, can result in unauthenticated remote... — Read more

Labels: Cortex XDR Cortex Xpanse Cortex XSIAM Cortex XSOAR CVE-2024-6387 OpenSSH RegreSSHion Remote Code Execution SSH threat brief
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Harnessing the Power of Cortex XSIAM for Enhanced File Management and Data Privacy

07-15-2024 — In an era where cybersecurity threats are evolving at a breakneck pace, Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions have emerged as the vanguard of defense for organizations. But what if we could extend the capabilities of the Cortex XSIAM sol... — Read more

Labels: Cortex XSIAM Endpoint Security
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What’s Next in Cortex - New Wave of Innovations in Cortex (June 2024 Release)

07-03-2024 — ith the ever evolving threat landscape, security operations teams require a new level of efficiency to protect their organizations. The latest release across Cortex products aims to solve a diverse set of challenges in security operations, all whi... — Read more

Labels: Cortex XDR Cortex Xpanse Cortex XSIAM Cortex XSOAR XDR Xpanse XSIAM XSOAR
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SmartGrouping - Precision AI™-Driven Investigation

06-05-2024 — SmartGrouping is a crucial aspect of security operations, allowing to connect disparate alerts and paint a comprehensive picture of an attack. It's like piecing together a puzzle, where each alert represents a piece, and the complete picture revea... — Read more

Labels: Cortex XDR Cortex XSIAM XDR XSIAM
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Securing Kubernetes Clusters: The Cortex XDR and XSIAM Approach

05-16-2024 — Kubernetes has revolutionized the way we deploy and manage applications, but its complexity and dynamic nature also introduce a new set of security challenges. Attackers are constantly looking for ways to exploit vulnerabilities in Kubernetes clus... — Read more

Labels: Cortex XDR Cortex XSIAM Kubernetes
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