Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

The scripts, templates and resources on this page are contributions from Palo Alto Networks and from the community at large – both customers and partners. They are intended to help streamline your deployment of the VM-Series in the public cloud and your virtualized data center. Enjoy!

Please read the Support Policy for the Public Cloud Integration Scripts and Templates.

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Aws Tagging broken in Gov Cloud

Sorry if this isn't the perfect fit for this forum (I know it says public cloud). But here is the deal, we are currently attempting to use aws tags to...

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Azure deployment. NAT rule assistance.

Howdy Group. I have a newbie question and wanted to ask the group. Maybe I am thinking too hard about it. Customer wanted a FW load balancer on both sides…...

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Azure VM Backup

Hello, we are trying to take an Azure back up of the Palo Alto VM but our CSP is reporting an issue with the backup agents on the Palo VM. The backup Pre...

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a week ago

VM-Series License limits - VIrtual Routers

I have seen documentation outlining the differences in the number of Rules, VPNs, sessions and zones for each VM-Series license, but i think there are...

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a week ago

routing based on HTTP headers

Hi Team, Does PA have the capability to perform routing based on HTTP headers, which can be leveraged to send the traffic to right ALB. Thanks in advance!!...

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