Threat Prevention Services
Threat Prevention Services leverage the visibility of our next-generation firewall to inspect and prevent known threats.
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Threat Prevention Services

Palo Alto Networks Threat Prevention Services leverage the visibility of our next-generation firewall to inspect all traffic, automatically preventing known threats, regardless of port, protocol or SSL encryption, confronting threats at each phase of the attack. This page provides resources about threat prevention security services to help keep your network secure. Ask your questions or provide insightful answers in the discussion forum specific to Threat Prevention.

Threat Prevention Services Discussions

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ms-ds-smbv3 - Trojan-Downloader/

We are receiving a large quantity of logs affecting a limited number of users for this threat IDName: Trojan-Downloader/ Unique Threa...

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Vulnerability (CVE-2022-41080

Hello Everyone, Hope you are all doing well, Yesterday I was received vulnerability email from paloalto. Palo Alto Networks released this emergen...

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Discrepancies in Prisma Vulnerability Scan Report

We are frequently getting discrepancies between our Prisma report and the Client's Prisma Report. Our one of the customers getting more critical and o...

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Known issue (PAN-202288 & PAN-206672)

Kindly provide the brief about Known issue (PAN-202288 & PAN-206672)

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Student extensive use of VPNs.

Hello Livecommunity. We are in a bind. We have numerous students on our school networks that are bypassing security profile rules with VPNs. So frustr...

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Threat Prevention Services Blogs

Using Cortex XSOAR to Deal With MSHTML Zero-Day Vulnerability (CVE-2021-40444)

09-14-2021 — Using Cortex XSOAR to Deal With MSHTML Zero-Day Vulnerability (CVE-2021-40444) Use this Cortex XSOAR playbook to protect against Microsoft's MSHTML Zero-Day Vulnerability (CVE-2021-40444).

Labels: Cortex XSOAR threat prevention
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New Features Introduced in Prisma Access 2.2

09-02-2021 — Learn about the new, powerful features and capabilities offered by Palo Alto Networks' Prisma Access version 2.2.

Labels: cloud managed prisma access New Features Prisma Access threat prevention
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New Industry Report Shows Palo Alto Networks NGFWs Outperforms Competitor

09-01-2021 — A recent report proves that the recently launched PA-400 series ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewalls outperform other similar products on the market.

Labels: NGFW threat prevention
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Cloud IDS: Threat Detection Service Like Never Before

07-29-2021 — We've partnered with Google Cloud to natively protect the applications you build in the cloud with industry-leading security controls.

Labels: gcp google google cloud platform Strata Firewall threat prevention VM-Series
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Four Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server

03-10-2021 — Learn more about the active exploitation of four Zero-Day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server!

Labels: Cortex Cortex XDR Cortex XSOAR threat prevention unit 42 unit42 Vulnerability Vulnerability Protection
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Threat Prevention Services Articles

Nominated Discussion: Update Multiple Categories Within All Security Profiles W/ the CLI

12-06-2022 — This article is based on a discussion, Security Profiles - URL Filtering - Update Multiple Categories within all Profiles. Read on to see how @PingMyServer was able to accomplish this from the CLI. Hello all, I'm looking for some suggestions, ...

Labels: network security Next-Generation Firewall NGFW threat prevention
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How to Block a Specific URL


Labels: Advanced URL Filtering categories cyberelite network security URL Filtering URL-Filtering
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New Ransomware URL Filtering Category (BPA Version 7.3.0)

11-08-2022 — New Ransomware URL Filtering Category Starting September 27, 2022, Palo Alto Networks started to publish URLs into the newly introduced category “Ransomware” available with content release version 8592 and above. Action: (If the content rele...

Labels: BPA URL Filtering
496 by in Best Practice Assessment Release Notes

Nominated Discussion: URL Filtering Profile Set to Allow Ransomware

10-05-2022 — This article is based on a discussion,URL set to allow Ransomware, posted by @Schneur_Feldman and answered by @Astardzhiev, @BPry and @Adrian_Jensen. Read on to see the discussion and solution! Can anyone please explain why Palo Alto Networks w...

Labels: Configuration NGFW Configuration Ransomware Security Profiles url categories URL Filtering
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WildFire Analysis Report Rabbit Images

06-28-2022 — This article is based on a Palo Alto Networks LIVEcommunity discussion, WildFire analysis report rabbit images, posted by @CHOE-KyungJun and answered by @Adrian_Jensen.

Labels: PAN-OS threat prevention Threat Prevention Services WildFire
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Threat Prevention Services Videos

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