Education Services

Education Services

Expand your knowledge and skills with a wealth of world-class education and certification from Palo Alto Networks. Through Palo Alto Networks Education, strengthen the security of your networks, endpoints and clouds while increasing your organization’s ability to prevent successful cyberattacks.


Palo Alto Networks Education Services provides a wide portfolio of role- based certifications aligning with Palo Alto Networks’ cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies. Receiving a certification shows your peers, managers and the general public that you’re committed to cybersecurity and that your work aligns to set standards. Certification sets you apart as a leader in your field. Being a certified professional increases credibility, improves job efficiency and professional marketability.

Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) classes are provided through Palo Alto Networks ATPs worldwide. These courses are led by highly qualified, certified instructors, ensuring that all students receive a consistent, high-quality learning experience.

Digital Learning

Welcome to the Digital Learning page on LIVEcommunity. Here you will find access to free, self-paced, on-demand online learning through Training is available on all elements of our Technology - from fundamentals to specialized role-based learning.

Cybersecurity academy

Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Academy exists to equip students with the next-generation cybersecurity knowledge and skills they’ll need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing cyberthreat landscape.

Second Watch

The Palo Alto Networks Second Watch believes veterans are well-positioned to pursue a career in cybersecurity. Your military experience equips you with transferable skills that can be applied to develop the latest cybersecurity innovations and prevent successful cyberattacks.

Help Center

Visit the Help Center to get fast answers to your pressing questions. Frequently asked questions in this section cover topics such as courseware syllabi, accessing and navigating the Learning Center, using online digital learning, instructor-led training, and obtaining and managing certifications.

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What free resources are made available to the academy and non-academy?

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