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Enhanced auto-remediation

Hi Folks, 

I use that enhanced auto-remediation ( trying to auto remediate alerts detected in Prisma.
For some reasons some alerts that can not be remediated due to lack of


missing config parts on export



I migrated a CP81 config and merged it with the PAN base config. 

In expedition everything looks fine and everyhting is in place where I would expect it. 


when I generate the config for export and download it, I'm missing all interfaces, zo


Resolved! Arcsight base event to layout



My Playbook is able to get arcsight events those related to a correlation (alarm) but i need to visualize these base events into layout tab but cant find a proper way. Do you have any suggestion ?



Staged upgrade for GlobalProtect App


We are trying to stage the GlobalProtect app upgrade

We have the DEFAULT policy for GlobalProtect configured to Disallow upgrade and now we created a Test-Pilot policy with Allow Transparent, select few test users and move the new policy on top of t


What a difference a Deny makes

I had an interesting discussion with @soporteseguridad the other day where we tried to figure out some unexpected packets he was seeing on his external router.

The security policy was set to block all SMB packets, based on their service port, rather


deny policy.png
handshake required.png
policy drop.png
security policy actions.png
reaper by Cyber Elite
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UI issues in PAN OS 10.1.5-h1

 Hi All,


I seem to have run into some minor UI bugs in PAN OS 10.1.5-h1:


1. When you open a security policy rule, the tags section is squashed and you cant re-size it or click the drop down (see below)

2. When you click on the contextual help in the W


Ben-Price by L4 Transporter
  • 8 replies

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