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LSVPN Portal Redundancy

I successfully setup LSVPN with a single portal , 2 gateways and some satellites.  I realized that if my portal goes down for any reason, then the gateways are useless since the satellite needs the portal to get to the gateways.  Any ideas on how bes


eridavis by L1 Bithead
  • 3 replies

Deleting V-sys via panorama

Hi All,


I am trying to delete a V-sys2 which is created under the device TEST-PALO-1 via Panorama. We have multiple V-SYS which are created under this. We have a template named Base-rule applied to the device TEST-PALO-1. This Base-rule template wo


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LIVEcommunity Wins 2022 Khoros Kudos Award
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