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VM-100 maximum number of interfaces on KVM

For some reason, after activating the license on VM-100, I still only see 8 interfaces even though I have interfaces configured in the VM settings.I thought KVM supports up to 25 interfaces.This is running on KVM on Ubuntu LTS 20.04

Resolved! replacing virtual routes ip

Hi, I need to replace all instances of a given IP address ( "Next Hop" address in the virtual router) with a different IP address. How to do that trough Panorama? Thank you in advance

Palo alto application for practice.

Hi guys,I am studying currently for PCNSE certification. What palo alto application I should download if I want to practice? I am using an apple computer. I would appreciated if someone can send me a link about it. Thanks in advance

JAMF Upgrade broke HIP report

Greeting All.JAMF Cloud did an upgrade this morning. This update caused the jamf client binary to be updated on my computers.After the jamf client upgrade GlobalProtect no longer shows JAMF (Casper) in the hip report.Tested GP version 5.2.5 & 6.Has a...

JasonBTR by L1 Bithead
  • 5 replies

Response Pages pushed with Panorama

Hello- I am looking to push a custom response page out from Panorama to several PA-500's. As part of the configuration of the response page, there is an HTML file that I am uploading to Panorama. Can someone tell me if the HTML file can be copied out...

Unable to Save Additional Project Snapshots

I working through a migration project and attempted to save a snapshot, I received a message "Failed, Please delete some existing snapshots" I don't see anyway to delete snapshots. I have tried restarting expedition and am still receiving the error

2019-11-08 09_43_42-PDX-Win10-Prod-MCS - Desktop Viewer.png
tcasw86 by L2 Linker
  • 6 replies

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