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How can I get the CCATS for exporting in US

I bought a PA-220 from a reseller, however, it is a requirement for getting the CCATS for this product when shipping to Hong Kong. Can any one give me a hints on how to get such information? Or did anyone have any details or tips on getting those inf


GP Compatibility on Windows Server

Hello, everyone.

Does anyone know if you can install the Global Protect agent, on Windows servers, such as 2012, 2016, 2019????

Is there a documentation that tells me and confirms this?

I see in the Palo Alto Firewall, that the computer does not give


Matlu_NN by L1 Bithead
  • 6 replies

Matching client config not found

I have a user trying to connect via Global Protect from a Win 11 client. The error is "matching client config not found".  I have no issues at all connecting as that same user from a Win 10 client. Also we use Mini Orange for MFA which sends an SMS c


Detail Description of Alert Log Fields XDR API

Hello Everyone, 


We are pulling alerts from the XDR API using below endpoint:

We query based on creation time which is shown as detection_timestamp in the log. 
I am looking for clarity on below points: 
1. what

Request help on Mac m2 and Windows 11 for VPN connection

I am one of a few Mac uses in a sea of Windows at Advance Auto Parts ( I am a independent Jobber located in Canada).  The help desk is less  helpful when they hear that.  Trying to connect new Mac M2 with Parallels 18 but help desk says that GolbalPr


GregGGHH by L0 Member
  • 2 replies

ssh invalid commit error

We have upgraded our palo alto firewall from 9.2.x to 10.2.4 after degradation from Panroma getting error as " out of sync ". we tried to commit and push from Panorma but we were unable to commit getting the error " SSH invalid"

kindly help us to re



delay in a playbook

Hello everyone, 


What is the best option to add a delay in a playbook, for example I have 2 automated tasks and want task 2 to start after task 1 finishes by 1 hour.


I thought of creating a one-line automation that has time.sleep(amount) and addi


Performance Optimization Strategies



I have a system running workloads that is sensitive to CPU usage. The primary users have raised an issue that our currently applied XDR profile is causing detrimental delays in job processing. I confirmed this by disabling the agent to obser


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