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Query regarding CVE-2024-3400

Hi Team,


Please help me to understand the below:


Firewall 1 - 10.2, GP portal & Gateway, Device telemetry enabled

Firewall 2 - 10.2, only GP portal & gateway, no device telemetry enabled

Firewall 3 - 10.2, no GP portal and gateway, only device te


Migrate from PA-3050 to PA-3410

I see on a prior message that exporting a PA-850 configuration allows it to be imported into a PA-3430 and there seems to be no issue with the version either firewall is running.  I have a pair of PA-3050's that are being replaced with PA-3410's whic


Resolved! What is multi-vsys firewalls?

Hi guys,


What is multi-vsys firewalls?

Why do we need multi-vsys firewalls?

What are cons and pros of using multi-vsys firewalls?

Could I get some cases that needs multi-vsys firewalls?


AS of now, my panorama has default vsys is vsys1 for the tem


tinhnho by L2 Linker
  • 8 replies

Layer 2 network extension

Is it possible to extend the layer 2 network over the layer 3 network to the other site using Palo Alto

Basically I am trying to extend the VLAN to other site. Not sure if this can be achieved with Palo Alto. Any suggestion are welcome

slow GUI


why my GUI is soo slow ? I have to wait 10-15 sec for new clicked tab to open. (Main Menu on top)

Does anyone of you have the same problem?

My PA is PA-2020, software version 4.0.3

XSOAR Upgradtion Query

Cortex XSOAR 8 will have a new FQDN and IP Address in the new platform. May I know is there any existing playbook have pulled the XSOAR data, and export to third-party platform automatically? If yes, it may require to re-configure the IP Address.




Syedhkt by L1 Bithead
  • 0 replies

Potentially Dangerous Tool Alert


Cortex has started blocking a legitimate tool we use: certify.exe, which is part of Certify The Web, that we use to automate certificate renewal from Lets Encrypt.

I have not seen this before. Is there anyway to whitelist this tool?
The precise alert


aholdt by L1 Bithead
  • 0 replies

PA-820 to PA-440 Migration with Expedition

Migrating from PA-820 SW ver. 10.0.2 to PA-440 SW ver. 10.1.8 and have been instructed to use Expedition.
Is the new FW config used as the Base Configuration in Expedition and the old FW config is the Configuration to Migrate?
Are there migration iss


Upgrading from Cortex XDR prevent to XDR pro

Hi All,


Finally we will be upgrading our Cortex xdr prevent to the pro version. Though we would be getting professional services support on this, I need to understand the entire project plan for this Can anyone help me understand as I would be leadin


AsifSid by L2 Linker
  • 13 replies
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