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auto commit issues after upgrade to 10.x



We started to experience auto commit finishing delay on our PA-5220 after the upgrade to 10.x.  We have a pair of HA PA-5220 in active/passive mode, we never had an auto commit issue before in previous updates, reboots of the firewalls. We have


RREALICA by L2 Linker
  • 10 replies

Confused about QoS on Palo, need some assistance.

My understanding is that QoS only really applies to egress.

The issue I faced this week was with Apple updates killing the ingress and impacting sip trunks.

Egress didn't appear to be an issue.


Now with that said, would applying QoS within our Palo


intrazone default


I am observing that tcp connection between two hosts remaining in the same zone are not able to establish TCP connections [htts], while ICMP is successful. Tracing the traffic it shows up as application incomplete, rule intrazone default is hi


netmart by L0 Member
  • 3 replies

Static Port Address Translation question

This configuration issue seems like it should be very easy to figure, but I have not performed this in the past and I cannot seem to figure it out.

We will have multiple devices on the trusted network, and I need to NAT them all to a single Public IP



Content update confusion

My content question is, if something still on 7.9. and its no longer supported/ getting content updates, does that mean the virus definitions on the unit with 7.9 is not getting updates or is it more application updates?


Resolved! HTTPS Traffic Not Returning Via IPSec Tunnels

I have a customer who is using PAN appliances and we have a valid IPSec tunnel to a cloud provider. Traffic is fine for SSH and ICMP traffic in both directions. However, when we send HTTPS traffic across the tunnel the firewall logs suggest no bytes


Resolved! Post detected by Wildfire

Hello dear community, 

what means Detected (Post Detected)? 

In our case, we see pdfpower.exe incidents popping up, the user says he didn't download anything to the incident time.

I think, the agent is scanning the OS, when there is allready a quaran


RFeyertag by L4 Transporter
  • 4 replies

Restricted tcp flow throughput in a VPN tunnel

Hello all,

On my firewall I have a VPN tunnel dedicated to VEEAM backup copy to a remote site. I have a throughput problem which is only present with TCP flows.

I don't have any QOS set on the interface of this tunnel. The flow rule is standard just


Panorama On Boarding


For the last 10 years, i am in charge of 3 PA devices.

Device #1 (HA Pair of 1410) in the main site.

Device #2 (460) in the DR site.

Device #3 (440) in 2nd DR site.


I have recently purchased Panorama to make it easier to deploy some shared poli


chens by L1 Bithead
  • 2 replies
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