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Resolved! Partially protected Linux systems.

Hi , 


It shows half of the Linux systems partially protected even though all the the kernel versions, content update and agent version are compatible .Also no policy changes were made. What could be the problem ?

NivedaR by L2 Linker
  • 3 replies

create GlopalProtect Gateway with xml api

Hi i need to create GlopalProtect Gateway with xml api

there is the url i send 




Blocking of IOC in cortex XDR

How can IOCs be blocked on XDR so we don't observe alerts or incidents related to it at all? 

When putting the hash of the IOC in the block list through the action centre it still triggers incidents and alerts.

Is there any other way other than using


Script failed to run: Timeout Error: Docker code script failed due to timeout, consider changing timeout value for this automation, (2604) (2603)


We have a playbook task that sends a query to run on Splunk using the SplunkPy but it keeps failing and returning the following error
#22: Splunk Search Query

!splunk-search query="index= test blah blah" earliest_time="1666679348" latest_ti


Uninstalling Cortex XDR

Hi All


I recently installed Microsoft teams at home to connect to work based meetings.  It installed two additional software packages namely a vpn network as well as cortex xdr.  I wish to uninstall cortex xdr as it is on my home computer however i


QR code read from an image locally



I would like to be able to read QR codes locally. The marketplace offering does not suggest a local QR read option. What would it take to develop one, as I can generally see that Python related libraries do exist? Could I request a QR related d


Antanas by L2 Linker
  • 0 replies

Icon Legend

Hello -

Is there an icon legend for Palo Alto.  Meaning, the icon difference between like a single user and a group.  Make sense?

Resolved! Is PA 10.0.4 version CLI commands significantly updated?

I'm using 10.0.4 for my eve-ng labs. I'm using chatgpt and google to look up CLI commands. I'm concerned with writing some Python scripts, so when I really focus on PanOS I will be buying textbooks and going to the admin guide and going for a PCSNE.


hfakoor2 by L2 Linker
  • 1 replies

mDNS (Apple Bounjour) between two VLANs through a PA



this is the scenario:


- a PA with two physical L3 interfaces (1 zone per interface, 1 subnet per interface, we call them A and B).

- I have a device in Subnet A which is an Airport thing with a printer attached. Devices in Subnet A they can discov


myrdin by L2 Linker
  • 22 replies
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