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Sinkhole vs whitelising url

Does the sinkhole take precedence over whitelisting? We whitelisted a url and are sinkholing parked categories. I can request to have the category changed, but was not sure which took precedence. 

Unable to export Panorama configuration

I recently converted a ruleset from ASA to Palo Alto.  I managed to get it imported into the appropriate device group in Panorama and eventually it all worked fine.  HOWEVER, I forgot to change the addresses and address groups to be shared objects be


Resolved! App-ID Windows-Remote-Managment showing as Web-Browsing

We recently upgraded to 10.1.5-h1 and it appears after the upgrade the Windows-Remote-Managment traffic over tcp5985 is now being identified as Web-browsing. This is causing that traffic to drop. We checked dynamic updates and presently leveraging th


Can't delete aws account

Same issue as There's no movement on this thread


I deleted all the FMS firewalls.


I'm subscribed to Premium support and I can'


Security alerts section empty

Hello, we ran into an issue where the AIOPs page for the firewalls has the security alerts and recommendations missing.


Other sections seem to be OK and displaying health alerts and data, but this one is empty.


On a call a Palo engineer said that


Resolved! PAN-DB URL Categorization - Server Error (500)



 I an trying to make a change request for a URL on the support page.
I can fill in all fields, but when I press send, a server error (500 ) is shown.


Am I doing something wrong?
This has worked before.


SvenM by L0 Member
  • 5 replies

WinRM-HTTP fails with the error 401

Hello, I'd like to request some advice on trying to shift away from WMI to WinRM-HTTP/S based User-ID. 


I followed the set-up guide by Palo and User-ID server monitoring is able to connect to the domain controller over WinRM-HTTP, but only every hour


Megrretz by L1 Bithead
  • 7 replies

Web interface not working



About 2-3 month ago, my ability to edit tags for ip addresses or any object doesn't work. the tag field compacts to 0pixel height !

I have attached a screen shot you can see the item has tags, but when you open it up the tag field is collapsed w


SMTP Brute Force - different source IPs

The scenario I am seeing is SMTP brute force attempts against a username, but each time the source IP address is different, I guess they are using a botnet.  Exchange will tarpit the IP for 30 seconds for the failed authentication, but it doesn't mat


cenders by L3 Networker
  • 0 replies
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