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Starlink Failover: Fast Download Almost NO Upload Speed

I have a weird problem setting up Starlink as a failover ISP. 

Download speed is blazing fast, but upload speed through the NGF is almost non-existent, 0-1 mbps.  


When I connect to the Starlink router directly, I get download speeds of 50bmps so I


Design recommendation for PAN NGFW in AWS


We are moving our SaaS app to AWS which will periodically query remote endpoints sitting at 20+ of our customer's locations via IPsec. We are looking to keep the AWS architecture simple with a single VPC for the app.


What would be an ideal conf


sdip009 by L0 Member
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False positive report -

The 32-bit Windows console application brwtts is clean.


The file hash SHA-256: c943edbf27cd03b1749cd9b0f917304f7c7c552d999c72387a137d51d0970329


Link to virustotal:


woeruw by L1 Bithead
  • 2 replies

False positive verdict

Hello, your engine is falsely flagging our file as 


SHA-256: eb3ccf806ced05f5048be6530aa0c3276a0f217d9fd5240ac180b2c48bc9ff84




bysadex by L1 Bithead
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False positive detection (

Hi team,


Our Remote access software HelpDesk, detecting as "" in VT scanning portal. Kinldy whitelist the application asap.

Details below:


File Hash: b7e92034f2520be75db56763cd6ef9a047073764ac05a0bc58aa539bda04fdcc


Link to Virustotal


Resolved! SSL Inspection issues with GlobalProtect users

We're having some strange SSL/TLS Inspection errors while on GlobalProtect. We are getting unsupported-parameter errors while a user is connected to GlobalProtect trying to get to any internet site, including things like Doing a packet ca


Claw4609 by L5 Sessionator
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Qumran Switch Core temperature high in PA 3220

Hi Everyone,

We see Qumran Switch Core temperature is running high, Alarm=true and Amber Led is ON, As a result the fans are running high in speed in a #PA3220


Slot Description Alarm Degrees C Min C Max C
S1 Temperature: Qumran Switch


New Partner Registration

I am having a difficult time registering as a partner. It does not accept my email address. 

What do i need to do on order to correct the issue. 

Widget Library XQL Query

Hi All,

So in the xsiam portal under 'Dashboard and reports' there is a pre-defined list of Widgets in the library..

Within the 'system monitoring' library there is a widget called 'daily consumption' which is great to identify data sources ingestion


PA_nts by L3 Networker
  • 1 replies

Amber LED on PA3220

Hi All,


I am getting amber LED on the firewall PA3220. 

Observed alarm is active for Temperatur : Qumran Switch Core. Can anyone know what is causing this issue and how to resolve. all other alarms are False only this alarm is true.


show system e


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