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Distributed VPN attack

Recently we experience distributed VPN dictionary attack on our Palo Alto Global Protect from different countries, ISPs and hundreds of IP addresses. Since we have MFA the attack was unsuccessful so far but I want to stop it somehow. The malicious ac


Blocking claudebot from scanning sites

Is it possible to create a rule/application (or if there is an existing one) to block certain bots from scanning websites behind the firewall?  I see the claude application, but I'm guessing this is more for outbound requests than for blocking the bo


Retrieve "User Group" using RADIUS attributes

Hello Team,


I have configured a RADIUS connection with FortiAuthenticator to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA). Within FortiAuthenticator, I created two user groups: an ADMIN group and a USER group. My objective is to set security policie


Email Notifications

I would like to forward an email notification for specific alerts, ONLY to the person to whom the incident was assigned to.
I don't see any subtype option to the Distribution List.

Has anyone found a solution to achieve this ? (slack messaging is n


GP Agent Machine Certificate Check



I am trying to find out more information about a GP portal setting called Machine Certificate Check under Portal Configuration / Agent / Agent Config / Config Selection Criteria / Device Checks. I was hoping to use a machine certificate chec



Hello I was looking for the REST API's for EDL in panorama, I could only able to find for the create EDL that too for IP only (


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