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Panorama log import

I have firewalls managed by Panorama that I want to do some ML and RE on traffic logs. Right now I have this setup for 2 firewalls using the log export feature on the firewalls. Each firewall exports traffic logs to a different folder on my Expeditio...

XDR agent quota exceeded

We're running 7.4.x currently and we've been seeing a ton of these alerts lately, and it seems to be for the same four or so machines out of several thousand. It is just alert after alert. I checked the log folders on the machines and they aren't any...

enewman by L0 Member
  • 0 replies

IPv6 dual stack configurations.

Hello, I want to achieve IPv6 dual stack configuration on PA-850. What are the requirements for this type of configuration? For IPv4 traffic will hit to our IPv4 configured wan IP and for IPv6 traffic will hit to IPv6 configured wan IP. Please enligh...

Error on generating system logs

i just upgraded to 9.1.11 from 9.1.10 and i get a pop up message saying "Error on generating system logs" but the logs shows up fine and updatedis this a bug ? there isn't an error in the system monitor and i checked the known issues but it wasn't in...

LAS by L0 Member
  • 11 replies

Credits for Defender

Hi, I want to ask how the credits work for Defender. If I have docker containers and host that scale up and down, how would the credits be calculated? There is a limit on the credits, so will the scaling up and running the defender stop at the limit ...

TChew by L0 Member
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Fail to migrate Palo HA FW to Panorama Mgmt

Hello, I tried to migrate Palo HA FW to Panorama mgmt as per below guideline link, but fail in step 5.5. this is the step what I did; - Clear "Enable Config Sync" on both FW (OK)- Connect both FW to Panorama (OK)- Add both FW to Panorama (OK)- Import...

zinkt101 by L1 Bithead
  • 7 replies

Url filtering

When user asks for providing full access what categories needed to b allowed & Blocked in URL filtering ?

KashifSh by L1 Bithead
  • 4 replies

DP 100%

Hi Team, We came across a situation that our DP had just gone high at a time point till 100%. I checked with the system files and found some crashes have attached the screenshot for your reference. Also all the software status where running which i c...

Device Config or Full Config

Hello , I need duplicate FW config... What is your suggestion? Should I import the full configuration file or the device state file? What is the difference of upload full configuration file or the device state? Regards

Alpalo by L2 Linker
  • 3 replies

Cortex XDR Agent and system logs

Hello All, I am trying to get logs for cortex XDR agent of more than 1 month old, from system and tech support file however not getting any success. Does anyone knows any method by which we can retieve agent logs/tech support logs for more than 1 mon...

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