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User ID agent not starting.

I am setting up backup user-id agent 8.1.10-2 on Windows 2016 Standard server.

I have given all the required access to the user-id agent admin account but its not working / refusing to start.

I am using the same credential on existing UID agent 7.0.8-1


Nischal by L1 Bithead
  • 9 replies

Traffic to panorama

I had a panorama instance in my cloud
Yesterday i removed my ha pair from panorama.
I have followed all steps, disabled ha sync, disabled the panorama objects, templates and network, checked the box to copy these configuration to my firewalls, de


Restricted tcp flow throughput in a VPN tunnel

Hello all,

On my firewall I have a VPN tunnel dedicated to VEEAM backup copy to a remote site. I have a throughput problem which is only present with TCP flows.

I don't have any QOS set on the interface of this tunnel. The flow rule is standard just


Clientless VPN Portal Brute Forcing

Hi all, 


I have an issue with a single/multiple threat actors attempting to brute force or clientless vpn portal. They are switching IP's with each attempt and they occur 3-7 time per hour. They use the most ridiculous dictionaries for user names b


Monitoring Public Interface

Hi All,

We are managing the HA firewall over public facing interface. Now trying to Monitor the same interface by creating the Interface Mgmt Profile and allowing SNMP. But i can ping the interface SNMP polling is not working.

Is there anything else


Laptop with CortexXDR installed from a bankrupt company



I've got a laptop from a previous employer who is in final stages of bankruptcy.  I'm blocked from internet access once I was layed off based on policies in Cortex, I was curious at some point once the company is completely dissolved would the


ArtWhite by L0 Member
  • 2 replies

Applipedia Down?



Applipedia ( currently seems down - I'm getting "Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request." when visiting.


Anyone able to advise when this will be back up, or if this has been moved elsew


s3cb0ar by L0 Member
  • 0 replies

Traps Version 6.1.3 uninstall problem

Hey Hi

we froget our traps admin pass and traps changed the cortex . Now we dont do neither upgrade nor delete . More A bad news we dont see cortex web dashboard this server 


How we can do  upgrade  Traps version 6.1.3 from Cortex 8.1.0


can you


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