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Maltego Transforms for AutoFocus

Maltego is a data visualization tool which allows users to explore the relationships between entities interactively through Transforms. Transforms allow users to query disparate data sources and present a view of the retrieved data in a single view. As of the Summer of 2017, AutoFocus data is now available as a source to query for all subscribers with an API key. Simply install the transforms through the transform hub to get started.

Activity in Maltego for AutoFocus

Welcome to the Maltego-AutoFocus



Thanks for taking the time to try our Maltego Transforms. If you’re new to Maltego, please visit Paterva website, ( for more information. 


There are some Maltego tutorials available on YouTube:


Smart Filtering in Transforms

What it is Smart Filtering


When using Maltego, it's a delicate balance of getting to the information you need and not cluttering the graph. A cluttered graph leads to confusion and can easily lead users to pivot on entities which simply aren't inte


Transform Output Example.JPG

Maltego for AutoFocus: Reporting a bug

Nothing is perfect, and the same goes for our transforms. If you find that you are not getting the expected results when running our transform sets we want to know about it. 


Before reporting a bug, please collect the following additional informati


Transform Descriptions

The table lists the transforms available in Maltego, the entity type they operate on, what they return, and notes on how each one works logically.


TransformOperates OnReturnsNotesInbuilt filters (customer view)AutoFocus - Explode Tags (All)maltego....

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