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HTTP Log Forwarding was introduced in PAN-OS 8.0 to enable better integration between your firewall and IT infrastructure by triggering an action or initiating a workflow on an external HTTP-based service when a log is generated on the firewall.

The goal of this page is to share different integration amongst the community. We want to hear from you! Please add any integrations that you come up with in the discussion area below.

Note: Support for HTTP Log Forwarding scripts/templates is provided via the Live Community discussion board on this page. Requests for technical support by phone or web will be redirected to this page.

Activity in HTTP Log Forwarding

PAN-OS 8.0 HTTP Log Integration with Slack

PAN-OS 8.0 HTTP Log Integration with Slack


This document assumes that you have already created a Slack team. This sample integration was done with a free Slack account. 


Once you have created your Slack team, login to your slack account and add a


Slack Integration Settings.png
HTTP Server Profile Entry Name.png
HTTP Server Profile Payload Format.png
Slack System Payload Format.png
rkemburu by L3 Networker
  • 15 replies

Resolved! How to set selective syslog server?

Can I set palo alto to check if syslog server is up before forwarding the log, and if the main syslog server is down then forward log to another server?


I have issues that I need palo alto to not forwarding logs to both servers at the same time.


Theerdam by L0 Member
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Getting Error with SNMP Traps

Hi All,


We had configured SNMP V3 to forward all the logs to SNMP V3.



Is username/Engine ID/Auth and Private Password need to be configured for SNMP v3 to work properly


When checking the Logrcvr process log I could see the below error in the Log rcv



SOC Duck



Build your own visual alert DUCKhickey that integrates with the Palo Alto Networks platform using the HTTP Log Forwarding feature in PAN-OS 8.X and above. I configured the SOC Duck in the Black Hat NOC to trigger and light up with th


Duck 1.jpg
Duck 2.jpg
Duck 3.jpg
Duck 4.jpg

SCP log export not exporting whole timeframe


I am facing an error during scp log export:

When trying to export with a query, it only exports about 2 or 3 hours of log entries instead of the whole day. I am using the max log count parameter and it is also set on the device. Also it doesn't see


Nadal17 by L0 Member
  • 0 replies

PA Packet Capture

If I needed to take a packet capture of a devices traffic for a week, how would I accomplish that? Enterprise network with PA 5050 on 8.0.12 code version. Not really interested on how to use the packet capture tool itself, I am looking more specifica


Scheduled logs export on a Palo Alto.

Folks, can we have some scheduling done on logs which are being sent to a syslog server?


The traffic logs are so huge that they consume too much bandwidth when we send them to a central syslog.


It seems that they are all being sent when some buffer f


nson2139 by L3 Networker
  • 0 replies
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