Panorama provides a centralized network security management solution for all your Palo Alto Networks firewalls.
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Panorama™ provides a centralized network security management solution for all your Palo Alto Networks firewalls irrespective of their form factors or locations. It reduces complexity by simplifying the configuration, deployment, and management of your security posture. Panorama provides centralized visibility and comprehensive insights into your network traffic, logs, and threats.


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Panorama Settings Auth key limited to 80 characters

I'm trying to import an HA pair of PA-410s(10.1.3) in to Panorama(10.1.3-h). I follow the instructions to generate a device Registration Auth Key. Wh...

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Add Shared Gateway FW into Panorama

I am trying to add a stand alone fw into Panorama, v 10.0.8. After I add the device in Pan and commit , the device shows as connected. I then import t...

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Pan OS upgrade dependency on Dynamic Updates ERRORS

Greetings, Reaching out to the community on here to find out how individuals got passed the Pan OS Upgrade dependency issue with Dynamic updates. We ...

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Duplicate config in panorama managed firewall

Hi Team, In my firewall i can 2 configuration at the same time. One i pushed from panorama and one is local that is scyronized from the passive peer. ...

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Panorama template section is empty : No interfaces, no zones

Hello team, I have 2 firewalls managed in my panorama. When I go to template section on Panorama I can not see anything, any interfaces, zones so it'...

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Increase Disk Panorama VM

Hello everyone.Anyone can help me to increase the panorama VM Storage?I was increased in Hardisk in VM ESXI but when I am to clone to disk, the output...

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Postponing Logdb Migration

I have a Legacy mode Panorama virtual appliance running PANOS 8.1 that I am planning on upgrading to 10.2. Would the below order of operations be a va...

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AIOps New Feature: BPA Plugin for Panorama

06-16-2022 — Read about the new AIOps plugin for Panorama that provides a proactive BPA service.

Tags: AIOps panorama BPA cloud pan-os plugin
Labels: AIOps AIOps NGFW network security NGFW Panorama
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Tips & Tricks: Log Expiration Based on Time

01-19-2022 — This week's Tips & Tricks columns talks about a nifty little feature that allows you more control over log expiration/retention.

Tags: administration configuration how to log retention period log settings logging logging and reporting pan-os panorama
Labels: administration Configuration How to log retention period Log Settings Logging Pan-OS Panorama
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New Digital Learnings Added in Beacon (Dec. 2021)

01-05-2022 — These are all the new courses and trainings added to Beacon, Palo Alto Networks learning platform, in December 2021. These are all the new courses and trainings added to Beacon, Palo Alto Networks learning platform, in December 2021.

Tags: network security next-generation firewall NGFW pan-os panorama Prisma prisma access SASE
Labels: Educational Services network security Next-Generation Firewall NGFW Pan-OS Panorama Prisma Prisma Access SASE
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Prepare for End-of-Life PAN-OS and Migrate to Latest PAN-OS Version

12-20-2021 — To continue to receive uninterrupted technical support, timely bug fixes and maintenance releases, and support for content signatures, please migrate to a more recent PAN-OS version. How to prepare for PAN-OS end-of-life and migration.

Tags: 10.0 8.1 9.0 Firewalls IoT Security next-generation firewall pan-os panorama
Labels: NGFW Pan-OS PAN-OS 10.0 PAN-OS 10.1 PAN-OS 9.0 PAN-OS 9.1 Panorama
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Tips & Tricks: One Key To Rule Them All—How to Set a Master Key

12-16-2021 — Find out why you should edit the master key that encrypts all passwords and private keys on the firewall or Panorama.

Tags: admin access advanced configuration basic configuration best practice best practices configuration Configuration and Management default password encryption initial configuration Master Key network security next-generation firewall NGFW pan-os panorama
Labels: Best Practice Best Practices Configuration Configuration and Management network security NGFW Pan-OS Panorama
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Migrating to Panorama

09-15-2021 — Today’s security deployments need to focus on simplified management, improved visibility into the most critical threats, and reduced response times. The right network security management solution p...

Tags: panorama
Labels: Panorama
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