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Welcome to the GlobalProtect Resource Page

Keeping your remote workforce secure is our priority. GlobalProtect is our network security for endpoints that protects your organization's mobile workforce by extending the Next-Generation Security Platform to all users, regardless of location. This page is dedicated to GlobalProtect resources to help you find answers.
Learn from informative videos, engage in community-led discussions, and discover tips and tricks from our blogs and articles—all related to GlobalProtect solutions.
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GlobalProtect Discussions

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3 hours ago

Global protect DNS and Windows 10 Home

Hi Folks. I run a (well, several) Global protect portals in various parts around the world, and for the large part they work just fine. Rece...

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17 hours ago

Big Sur 11.2.3 GlobalProtect issue

When installing the GlobalProtect 5.2.6-87 application I am having trouble connecting. It appears to me that it is loading all the time and I never ac...

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User management with Client certificates not working

Hello experts, We are trying to authenticate users connecting to GP via client certs, idea is to revoke client certs and thus prevent users from ...

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GlobalProtect connection issue

All,    When I try to access the MAC I get 404 error. any idea?  

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GP assigning static IPs to clients

Trying to understand why GP is assigning static IPs to GP clients. We are running GP 5.2.5 and the clients are getting assigned with static IPs, they ...

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GlobalProtect Articles

GlobalProtect App Log Collection and Troubleshooting FAQ

03-03-2021 — Explore the most-asked questions about GlobalProtect App Log Collection. This guide is for the feature available to Prisma Access customers using 1.8 Plugin and above, and can help you navigate through...

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Troubleshooting GlobalProtect MTU Issues

02-17-2021 — Learn why we need to consider Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size when talking about VPN solutions, such as GlobalProtect, and what fragmentation is and why we want to avoid it.

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Troubleshoot Split Tunnel Domain & Applications and Exclude Video Traffic

01-14-2021 — Find troubleshooting tips and tricks related to Split Tunnel Domain & Applications and Exclude Video Traffic features.

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Applying Vulnerability Protection to GlobalProtect Interfaces

07-22-2020 — View the configuration steps for applying a vulnerability protection security profile to GlobalProtect.

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Deploying VM-Series on ESXi in Layer 3 Mode

06-05-2020 — Learn about deployment of the VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall on the ESXi hypervisor in Layer 3 mode.

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GlobalProtect Blogs

Where Can I Get the GlobalProtect Client ?

2 weeks ago — There are several ways to get your version of GlobalProtect. Find out about popular ways to deploy the GlobalProtect App to End Users.

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Introducing Prisma Access Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM)

2 weeks ago — Read all about this new tool available for admins who want to have better insight into their remote users' environments, in order to keep things more secure. ADEM - Autonomous Digital Experience Management

Label: Autonomous Autonomous DEM GlobalProtect GlobalProtect-COVID19 GP PrismaAccess-COVID19 446 1 by in Blogs

DOTW: GlobalProtect VPN Client Mac OSX Secure Input

03-12-2021 — For anyone that has been trying to get MacOS X Secure Input working with GlobalProtect, Joe has written a blog to help explain what is going on and how to get this to work. DOTW: GlobalProtect VPN Client...

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GlobalProtect Authentication Issue After Updating Adobe Acrobat

03-05-2021 — If you have experienced issues with GlobalProtect authentication after updating Adobe Acrobat software, then this article will help provide a solution.

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Solving Remote Access Challenges in the COVID-19 Era

02-09-2021 — Administrators can enable GlobalProtect App Log Collection from Panorama to troubleshoot a range of issues including connectivity, performance, and authentication. End-users no longer have to resort to...

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