Prisma Access 4.0 Adds Explicit Proxy Support to GlobalProtect Agent 6.2

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A few weeks ago we announced the new features for Prisma Access 4.0.


Prisma Access 4.0 enhances its GlobalProtect Agent v6.2 by incorporating explicit proxy connectivity. This feature provides customers with continuous internet security while enabling them to access private applications on demand. Users can access private apps using a third-party VPN, GlobalProtect with Prisma Access, or an on-prem NGFW. This functionality empowers us to:


  • Seamlessly substitute third-party proxy solutions
  • Coexist with any third-party VPN agents
  • Safeguard internet traffic for both browser and non-browser applications
  • Streamline proxy deployments and achieve User-ID based enforcement for all traffic


With GlobalProtect in Proxy Mode the app ensures continuous internet security by acting as a proxy. In this mode, the app directs traffic to Prisma Access, leveraging forwarding rules and logic defined in the PAC file. The PAC file can be hosted either in Prisma Access itself or within your environment. This capability proves valuable in scenarios where there is an existing legacy proxy architecture or a need to maintain such architecture to comply with regulatory or compliance obligations.


With GlobalProtect in Tunnel and Proxy Mode, the app directs internet-bound traffic to the explicit proxy according to the rules specified in the PAC file. As for the remaining traffic, the app employs split tunneling rules that you have defined to determine which traffic should be routed through the tunnel and which traffic can bypass it. In the absence of specific split tunneling rules, the app will send all remaining traffic through the tunnel.


Organizations choose to transition to Prisma Access to benefit from its advanced security features, cloud-native architecture, simplified management, support for the hybrid workforce, and integration within a comprehensive security platform. See the full comparison behind organizations' transition from traditional web proxy appliances to Prisma Access in order to safeguard their hybrid workforce.


We are excited to announce the availability of these new features on the LIVEcommunity and invite you to click on the provided links above to explore more in-depth information.


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