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Cortex XDR

Welcome to the Cortex XDR resource page. Cortex XDR allows you to rapidly detect and respond to threats across your networks, endpoints, and clouds. It assists SOC analysts by allowing them to view ALL the alerts from all Palo Alto Networks products in one place. On this page you can engage in Cortex XDR discussions and review helpful resources dedicated to Cortex XDR.

Cortex XDR Discussions

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Can paloalto network Cortex XDR endpoint protection replace antivirus?

Our company just got this Cortex endpoint protection but it seems to me like it is just a endpoint management software that was able to detect a few malware....

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Powershell script for XDR agent removal?

Would anyone happen to have an example of a powershell script that'll assist in removing the XDR agent? Thanks ahead of time.

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Command line to set a Proxy_List to an already installed Cortex XDR Agent

Hi. Does anyone know if there is a command line to set a proxy to an already installed version of Cortex XDR? I know the proxy can be set using...

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XDR Prevent 7.2.0 Performance Issue on Win10 x64 v1903?

Has anyone upgraded to the 7.2.0 agent yet that has experienced performance issues? Like most persons our environment is constantly changing, but at the...

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Cortex XDR Alerts - Slack Integration

Is there any way to include the hostname for alerts received in Slack? They are very valuable to receive on the phone late at night, but would be even...

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Force policy check in Cortex XDR

Hi, Is there any way to force a policy check on an endpoint? I have created a new Policy Rule and assigned a new set of Policy Profiles to it. I then assigned...

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Difference between exclusion and add to allow list Cortex XDR

good day community, I have an incident due to the execution of an excel file that contains macros. According to the verdict and its hash the file is not...

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Cortex XDR Articles

Older Cortex XDR Content Release Notes (2019)

05-10-2020 — Here you will find Older Cortex XDR release notes from 2019. Review release notes from April 2019 to December 2019.

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Cortex XDR August Release: Integrating Analytics

08-06-2019 — The Cortex XDR August release unifies the Analytics and Investigation and Response apps into a single Cortex XDR app, with a unified and streamlined user interface.

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Content Release Notes

04-14-2019 — Cortex XDR Content Release Notes September 14, 2020 Release: Increased the severity to medium for a BIOC rule: Rundll32.exe launches an executable using ordinal numbers argument (421619b8-a26b-476a-b2e4-3c24ee33a4b0)...

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Cortex XDR Datasheet

02-27-2019 — Hunt down and stop stealthy attacks by unifying network, endpoint, and cloud data.

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