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Post questions, provide answers, share best practices, and connect with peers and experts in this area dedicated to all things Network Security.
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Network Security
Post questions, provide answers, share best practices, and connect with peers and experts in this area dedicated to all things Network Security.

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Next-Generation Firewall Discussions

Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls provide true, complete visibility everywhere, along with precise policy control. Ask your questions or provide insightful answers in the discussion forum specific to NGFW.

84 Posts

VM-Series in the Public Cloud

The VM-Series is the virtualized form factor of the next-generation firewall. Use this discussion as a resource to discuss VM-Series deployments across public clouds like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, and Alibaba.

460 Posts

VM-Series in the Private Cloud

Use the VM-Series form factor to safeguard Private Cloud deployments. Use this forum to discuss deployments from VMware ESXi, VMware NSX-V, VMware NSX-T, KVM, Nutanix, Hyper-V, Openstack, and Cisco ACI.

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Panorama Discussions

Post discussions about Panorama, a centralized network security management solution for all your Palo Alto Networks firewalls irrespective of their form factors or locations, in this forum.

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GlobalProtect Discussions

GlobalProtect discussions offers topics about our network security for endpoints that protects your organization's mobile workforce. This area is dedicated to GlobalProtect discussions to help you answer questions.

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Activity in Network Security

Resolved! HA on AWS Using a Secondary IP



Just checking if anyone has successfully deployed the latest HA mode "secondary-ip". Unfotunately the deployment guides can be described more as "guides" rather than detailed instructions. Furthermore they are fragmented so one has to scramble



How many log collectors can Panorama managed?

Hi Good day. Have some question wrt log collector.


Does anyone know how many log collectors can a pair of HA Panorama manage? 

We have a customer who wants log collector to be distributed or the same location as the branch NGFW.

They will be roughl


Max log retention days

Hi There, Good day.


I was looking at the Panorama configuration and found that the max retention days (expiration period) can be up to 2000 days. Initially, I thought it would be in the range of up to 90 days. Since it provides a range till 2000day


Can not change

Hello Every one 


I was trying to build a Site to Site Vpn. I can only select limited interfaces when creating a new Zone. The selection option does not even include the main gateway interface (Ethernet1/10. I have attached a screen shoot of the sce



GlobalProtect Random disconnects


Has anyone else have issues with random GP disconnections since recently (May/June/July 2021) on GP version 5.0.x and 5.2.x ? 

It started around one month ago throughout the whole company and we weren't able to figure out what's going on till no


Resolved! GlobalProtect blocks the network traffic of WSL2

Hello all,

I use WSL2 with an Ubuntu image. It works fine but when I establish a VPN connection by GlobalProtect, it cut the connection from the WSL image to the outside. We have no split tunneling and the connection to the devices behind the tunnel w


gbagita by L1 Bithead
  • 16 replies

Firewall not connecting to Panorama

Hello I have new deployed Panorama and new PA-440 Firewall.

I setup Panorama with all basic settings like IP address/netmask, default GW, DNS, it has license assigned.

Next I generated AuthKey for the firewalls with validity for 10 days and without S


AdamHP by L1 Bithead
  • 18 replies