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Post questions, provide answers, share best practices, and connect with peers and experts in this area dedicated to all things Network Security.
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Network Security
Post questions, provide answers, share best practices, and connect with peers and experts in this area dedicated to all things Network Security.

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Next-Generation Firewall Discussions

Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls provide true, complete visibility everywhere, along with precise policy control. Ask your questions or provide insightful answers in the discussion forum specific to NGFW.

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VM-Series in the Public Cloud

The VM-Series is the virtualized form factor of the next-generation firewall. Use this discussion as a resource to discuss VM-Series deployments across public clouds like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, and Alibaba.

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VM-Series in the Private Cloud

Use the VM-Series form factor to safeguard Private Cloud deployments. Use this forum to discuss deployments from VMware ESXi, VMware NSX-V, VMware NSX-T, KVM, Nutanix, Hyper-V, Openstack, and Cisco ACI.

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CN-Series Discussions

CN-Series is the Palo Alto Networks' container native version of the ML-powered Next-Generation Firewall designed specifically for Kubernetes environments.

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AIOps for NGFW Discussions

This forum is to ask questions, provide answers, and troubleshoot queries related to Palo Alto Networks’ AIOps for NGFW, the industry’s first AIOps solution for Next-Generation Firewalls.

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Panorama Discussions

Post discussions about Panorama, a centralized network security management solution for all your Palo Alto Networks firewalls irrespective of their form factors or locations, in this forum.

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GlobalProtect Discussions

GlobalProtect discussions offers topics about our network security for endpoints that protects your organization's mobile workforce. This area is dedicated to GlobalProtect discussions to help you answer questions.

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Activity in Network Security

Viber stops working after connecting to VPN.

Hi All,


We are using Palo Alto PA-3220 (version 10.1.5) with Global Protect agent 6.0.0. When we connect Remote VPN with Global Protect every thing works except Desktop Viber application. I am not getting any hints on why the application stops work


GPVPN Authentication issue

Hi Team,


We have configured GP VPN with AD authentication and MFA . The AD authentication is working but the MFA is not working which is our next level authentication. So kindly help us to resolve this issue.


Also using username and password we a


SANKETM by L1 Bithead
  • 1 replies

IPSec VPN Negotiation Issues

Dear Members,

Greeting to All!


Curranty, I'm using site to site multiple VPN configuration with Palo alto Firewall to different vendor site. All of the tunnel is working fine VPN ok.

My main problem is inside of my firewall public internet down the


Url access error

Hello Team, I am getting this error in the EDL, also confirm URL and certificate are correct.
Gone thorough this kb :



Query: SAML Integration Failed

Is there have a way or integration to use a thrid party MFA solution to login to the palo alto firewall as administrator?


Do SAML profile can be added to authentication sequence?


Furthermore, if the saml profile cannot be added to the authenticat


SNMPv3 Panorama Device Monitoring

I am preparing to onboard a new client that has multiple Palo Alto devices at various locations around the globe.  They do have a Panorama management system already, but what I'm curious about is if I can connect my SNMP manager to Panorama and have


mdswish by L0 Member
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Global Protect Always On VPN Auto Connect

Hi looking to get some feedback. 


Currently we have on-demand global protect VPN connection (user inisitates the VPN connection, puts username/password). They have full access to internet via laptop (w.o any traffic inspection) if there is no VPN t


PenTest GlobalProtect Subnet



Our Palo GP is setup inside Azure - and it is working and serving its purpose. GP can reach everything, but not the other way around.


We can't ping GP Clients, we can't RDP to them, any traffic destined to GP Subnet has literally no logs a