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Flexible Licensing & Consumption for VM-Series & CN-Series NGFWs
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Let’s walkthrough three prominent use cases for employing CN-Series container firewalls to  protect Kubernetes environments.  
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Learn how Palo Alto Networks' CN-Series firewall helps Network Security teams secure Kubernetes workloads. 
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Why Palo Alto Networks created the i ndustry’s first CN-Series container firewall—and how it can help secure your Kubernetes environments.
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Securing an airport and securing your cloud-native applications have more in common than you may realize – and two essentials of airport threat prevention nicely illustrate why virtual and container NGFWs are vital for security in the cloud. As digital transformation drives you to move crown jewel applications to public clouds and containers, you need to use the same layered security approach airports typically provide.    Want to learn more? Check it out.
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Container adoption is on a serious rise,  which is why we’re releasing  CN-Series , the containerized version of our ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), designed specifically for Kubernetes environments. It’s a significant development because, according to  Gartner , in the next three years,  the vast majority of organizations will be running multiple containerized applications in production.    Learn more here!
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