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Palo Alto Networks Live Community dives into Magnifier August 2018 Release Information. Some of the new features and updates for Magnifier can be viewed here along with Magnifier tips from our Live Community professionals to get things rolling. Find the information you need on Live Community today.






Greetings! The Magnifier August 2018 release is now available for all Magnifier customers.

There have been many improvements made for August 2018. Please see all of the details below.


New/Updated Features

Latest Magnifier Features
About Each Feature

Expanded Network Coverage Details

You can now see the percentage of DNS, DHCP, HTTP, and SSL traffic that a Palo Alto Networks firewall logs for each IP address range that Magnifier monitors.


You must enable the firewall to send Enhanced Application Logs to the Logging Service for Magnifier to display the percent coverage for these types of application traffic—enhanced application logs increase the number of hostnames associated with an alert and reduce the alert total. This means that the alerts you receive are more meaningful and easier to investigate.

Choose the NTP Server Pathfinder Uses for Time Synchronization

You can choose an NTP server for Pathfinder to use to synchronize it’s clock, instead of the default, pre-configured NTP servers.

To specify an NTP server for Pathfinder to use:

1.       Select the NTP Server option on the Pathfinder VM console.

2.       Add the NTP server and click OK to save your settings.

For more details on setting up time synchronization for the Pathfinder VM, including if you want the Pathfinder VM clock to sync with a VMware ESX host, follow the steps to Set Up Pathfinder .

WildFire Malware Name Displayed in Magnifier

If the malware was previously known to WildFire, then WildFire's name for the malware is shown in the Malware alert. In the Alert Description, see the Malware detection bullet.

macOS and iOS Device Classification

Magnifier analyzes the firewall’s traffic, URL Filtering, and enhanced application log data to detect the operating system on which a device is running. Passive OS fingerprinting is now supported for Apple devices—device information can now include macOS for MacBooks and iOS for iPhones and iPads.



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For more info, please visit Magnifier behavior analytics



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