New App-IDs for August are Ready!

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Palo Alto Networks Live Community covers the details of new App-IDs for August. Learn what new App-IDs are being released in August and view a complete list with details. Determine whether a new functional App-ID affects your security policy structure. Find the answers you need on Live Community.





It's that time of the month for new App-IDs again! The third Tuesday of the month is coming up and the Live Community team wants to make sure everyone is aware of changes coming our way. Tuesday, August 21st is the release date for new App-IDs.


As a way of letting our customers know well in advance what new App-IDs are being released, we publish a link to the complete list with all of the details here:
New Apps for August 21st Release 

We highly encourage customers to look at this link and understand what new applications are being released, and if they would like to enable these new apps in their policy.


The list for August 21st has been released, which includes 13 new applications.

With this release, we will be functionally enabling signatures for the following functional App-IDs as earlier outlined in the FAQ.

I am not going to detail all of the new applications, but I have listed a few here:

  • airwatch
  • sharepoint-online-uploading
  • sharepoint-online-downloading
  • sharepoint-online-sharing
  • sharepoint-online-editing
  • paloalto-gp-mfa-notification

Determine whether a new functional App-ID for an existing application affects your security policy structure.

  • We are adding functional App-IDs for SaaS applications like Syncplicity to provide more granularity. This can help in controlling aspects like file downloads, uploads and sharing for this popular SaaS application.
  • We are releasing coinhive App-ID, which can be used to block crypto mining activity in your network.This App-ID needs SSL decryption to be identified, but it can block coinhive from using browser resources to do crypto mining. 


Please take a look at the list of new applications to determine if you will need to update existing security policies.

The Customer Resources page also has the latest update for August and other resources here:
Customer Resources page.
Note: You need to be a customer to read information on the Customer Resources page. 

Also, don't forget to subscribe to the Customer Resources page to be notified whenever anything is added to that page.

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Joe Delio
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