August 2023 Rewind: LIVEcommunity Highlights

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Welcome to our August 2023 Rewind, where we review some of LIVEcommunity’s biggest headlines from the past month!


In August, we shared how to use LIVEcommunity's Subscription Feature, introduced our 2023-24 Cyber Elite experts and more! Read on to see community's August 2023 highlights. 

GlobalProtect 5.1 EoL and 5.2 EoE Communication

NGFW and Prisma Access Customers running GlobalProtect 5.1.X are requested to consider upgrading GlobalProtect to 6.0.X and above. EoL dates for GlobalProtect 5.1 are published here: GlobalProtect App 5.1 End-of-Life. Read more to learn about which platforms are affected.


Cortex XSOAR - Threat Intelligence Management and Prioritized Intelligence Requirement 

Threat Intelligence has become inevitable in today’s Cyber Security Landscape and the intelligence data we collect can be enormous. The art of collecting and disseminating actionable intelligence is key in any Threat intelligence Management. In addition to that, it should be precise and tailored when we start automating using SOAR platforms like Cortex XSOAR.


POTW: Using CVEs in Incident Investigation

We have significantly revamped the way CVEs are displayed and stored as indicators within Cortex XSOAR Threat Intelligence Management (TIM). Our main goal was to store and make available as much data as possible to help you query and use CVEs whether in your incident investigations or as a tool aiding in vulnerability management in your system. In this blog, we will go over the changes made in XSOAR TIM and modifications to the CVE indicator layout to present data in a more intuitive way. We will also cover how to install these changes to your TIM module.


NodeStealer 2.0 – The Python Version: Stealing Facebook Business Accounts

Unit 42 researchers have recently discovered a previously unreported phishing campaign that distributed an infostealer equipped to fully take over Facebook business accounts. Facebook business accounts were targeted with a phishing lure offering tools such as spreadsheet templates for business. This is part of a growing trend of threat actors targeting Facebook business accounts – for advertising fraud and other purposes –  which emerged around July 2022 with the discovery of the Ducktail infostealer.


LIVEcommunity Member Testimonial: John Linkowsky

John Linkowsky is a Board Member for the Palo Alto Networks Fuel User Group and has been using the LIVEcommunity for a number of years. He sees the LIVEcommunity as a platform that allows users from around the world to search for content written by support engineers, partners, and customers who he describes as subject-matter experts. LIVEcommunity is beneficial, according to John, because of the diversity of perspectives and experiences represented and the wealth of information that it delivers to users. John uses the LIVEcommunity to post questions and also relies on it as an alternative to support.


How to Use LIVEcommunity's Subscription Feature

Did you know that you can subscribe to areas on the LIVEcommunity to stay up to date on new information? Subscribing to an area is an easy way to stay up-to-date on the happenings in that area in LIVEcommunity. 

If a page or area is of interest to you, you can subscribe to them to receive notifications—by email or in the community or both—when a new blog or article is posted to the area or a comment or reply is made.


New Features Introduced in Prisma Access 4.1

In case you missed it, Prisma Access 4.1 just hit the scene, and it's loaded with some seriously awesome upgrades! Read more to learn some of the key feature of this release.


Prisma Access Advanced Deployment Professional Services

Professional Services for Prisma Access continues to expand adoption capabilities in Advanced Deployment Professional Services (ADPS) and Deployment Services


Whether you have a small enterprise or a large global enterprise to manage, Prisma Access Advanced Deployment Professional Services (ADPS) offers Prisma Access core deployment and flexible feature options designed for your specific environment. These Professional Services allow you to take deployment and integration to the next level by choosing the right capabilities.


Join Us in Welcoming Our 2023-24 Cyber Elite Experts! 

LIVEcommunity is pleased to announce the 2023-24 Cyber Elite Program! 


Palo Alto Networks launched the LIVEcommunity Cyber Elite program in summer 2020 as a way to recognize members from around the globe who demonstrate excellence in their participation and contributions to the community. The result is a small but robust team of super-users who are eager to help, supply solutions, and troubleshoot with their fellow cybersecurity professionals looking for answers in LIVEcommunity.


New PANCast Episodes Are Out!

PANCast is a Palo Alto Networks podcast that provides actionable insights from cybersecurity experts to customers, helping them ensure each day is more secure than the one before it.


Visit our PANCast homepage to learn more and watch our previous podcasts in this series.


PANCast Episode 23: Panorama templates and template stacks



PANCast Episode 24: Broker VM Capabilities



August ‘23 Discussion Highlight: Posts With Accepted Solutions

Nominated Discussions help LIVEcommunity Solutions Engineers highlight a discussion that has an Accepted Solution, and turn it into an article with additional helpful information, documentation, and clarity! Here are the Nominated Discussions we published this past month:


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