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This Nominated Discussion Article is based on the post "External DHCP Configuration" by @mstf_ymn   and answered by @miasmith500  Read on to see the response!


I am running a Microsoft DHCP server on my domain and this is serving IP's over my Paloalto LAN interface 3 so my DHCP server and LAN are on the same interface.I am trying to migrate my DHCP server on a separate port and in this case ethernet 8.I made all the neccessary Policy configuration so my migrated DHCP server and my clients on LAN had no obstacles to communicate.

The problem is my clients on LAN network (eth3) cannot obtain an IP address from my migrated DHCP server (eth8).They are on different subnets but can communicate with each other and all work is already done on Windows DHCP Server configuration.

Any suggestion to my problem would be highly appreciated.





As per my experience you've configured a DHCP relay or helper on the Palo Alto for eth3 to forward DHCP requests to the server on eth8. Check that the Palo Alto allows DHCP traffic (ports 67 and 68) between eth3 and eth8. Verify the DHCP server's bindings to eth8 and ensure there's no IP address pool exhaustion. Review both the firewall and DHCP server logs for issues. Lastly, test connectivity by manually assigning an IP from the DHCP pool to an eth3 client.


I hope this will help you.


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