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This article is based on a discussion, DUAL ISP configurations, posted by @mohamed.nabeel and answered by @SutareMayur. Read on to see the discussion and solution!


Hello Dear,


kindly I need your kind support to figure out the best way to have configure dual ISP in Palo Alto firewall.

Accepted Solution


Hi @mohamed.nabeel,


I would say there are various options available, so it actually depends on how you want to have it? Let’s say you want to configure it as Active / Standby or Active / Active with ECMP enabled and both links will act as a failover to each other, etc.

For failovers, you have options like static route path monitoring. If you have IPSEC VPN on these lines, then again the scenario changes. So first, you would need to plan how do you want to have it and then you can look which option is suitable for you. Once you have understanding of these available options and how they work? Then, on your own, you can decide best suitable option for yourself.


There are few Knowledge Base articles available with different scenarios given below. Please review same. It will definitely give you some idea what are those options and how it works!


How to Implement ECMP (Load Balancing) on the Firewall

Dual ISP redundancy using Static Routes Path Monitoring Feature, for Traffic Failover

How to Configure a Palo Alto Networks Firewall with Dual ISPs and Automatic VPN Failover

How to Configure ISP Redundancy and Load Balancing

Dual ISP VPN site to site Tunnel Failover with Static Route Path-Monitoring


Hope it helps!


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