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This Nominated Discussion Article is based on the post "Palo Alto Cluster Questions" by @gongya  and answered by @aleksandar.astardzhiev . Read on to see his response!


1. Palo Alto HA Sync links can be on different networks ?

    HA1 seems not  "The HA1 IP address for both peers must be on the same subnet if they are directly connected or are connected to the same switch."  But like to confirm. I saw the gateway configuration for those links.

    HA2 seems possible, "Use Layer 3 only if the HA2 connection must communicate over a routed network."

2. Can 2 Palo Alto nodes be standalone with sessions synced ?


thanks !!




Hi @gongya ,

Q: Can HA1 be on different networks?

A: Yes it can. HA1 is control link - it is used for keepaliaves and hellos, also for config sync. As you can see from the docs it is actually requiring to enter local and peer IP and network. If the members are in different networks you need to specify gateway as well -

HA2 is the data link - it is used for session sync. By default this link is set to "Ethernet" for  transport type. This can only be used if FWs are connected directly or  at least in the same layer2 broadcast. However you can config the transport to use IP or UDP, which should  allow you to have HA2 in different networks. Default is ethernet, because it  is always recommended to have high-speed reliable connection for session sync, but you can change it.


Q: Can 2 Palo Alto nodes be standalone with sessions synced ?

A: Depends...PAN call this "HA Clustering" (which for me is little confusing with standard active/passive). It was introduced fairly recently - It is supported only of some physical devices and not on public cloud platforms.


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I have two different geolocation DCs and I want to stretch my 5200 Cluters (Active / Active) on both sites.

I can't find any clear document about link requirements between cluster nodes.

I have to know first  The maximum allowed link latency and any limitations if I have only  L3 connection between my sites do I have to provide any l2 connection for ha1/ha2/ha3 links?



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