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BrightCloud to PAN-DB Category Mapping


下記の表は、BrightCloud URLのカテゴリとPAN-DB URLのカテゴリの相関関係を表しています。PAN-DBライセンスを有効にする過程の中で、既存のURLフィルタリングのプロファイルが見つかった場合、下記の対応表を基に、PAN-OSは自動的にそれらのプロファイルを新しいPAN-DBのカテゴリに紐付けます。N:1での紐付けを行う場合には、新しいPAN-DBカテゴリに対しては、もっとも厳格なアクションが使用されます。






BrightCloud カテゴリ PAN-DB カテゴリ
Abortion Abortion
Abused Drugs Abused Drugs
Adult and Pornography Adult
Alcohol and Tobacco Alcohol and Tobacco
Auctions Auctions
Bot Nets Malware
Business and Economy Business and Economy
Cheating Questionable
Computer and Internet Info Computer and Internet Info
Computer and Internet Security Computer and Internet Info
Confirmed SPAM Sources Malware
Content Delivery Networks Content Delivery Networks
Cult and Occult Religion
Dating Dating
Dead Sites N/A
Dynamically Generated Content N/A (no mapping as URL will be categorized based on the content)
Educational Institutions Educational Institutions
Entertainment and Arts Entertainment and Arts
Fashion and Beauty Society
Financial Services Financial Services
Games Games
Government Government
Gross Questionable
Hacking Hacking
Hate and Racism Questionable
Health and Medicine Health and Medicine
Home and Garden Home and Garden
Hunting and Fishing Hunting and Fishing
Illegal Questionable
Image and Video Search Search Engines
Individual Stock Advice and Tools Stock advice and tools
Internet Communications Internet Communications and Telephony
Internet Portals Internet Portals
Job Search Job Search
Keyloggers and Monitoring Malware
Kids Society
Legal Legal
Local Information Travel
Malware Sites Malware
Marijuana Abused Drugs
Military Military
Motor Vehicles Motor Vehicles
News and Media News
not-resolved Not-resolved
Nudity Nudity
Online-gambling Gambling
Online Greeting cards Entertainment and Arts
Online - music Music
Online - personal-storage Online storage and backup
Open HTTP Proxies Proxy Avoidance and Anonymizers
Parked Domains Parked
Pay to Surf Web Advertisements
Peer to Peer Peer-to-peer
Personal sites and Blogs Personal sites and blogs
Philosophy and Political Advocacy Philosophy and Political Advocacy
Phishing and Other Frauds Phishing
Private IP Addresses Private IP Addresses
Proxy Avoidance and Anonymizers Proxy Avoidance and Anonymizers
Questionable Questionable
Real Estate Real Estate
Recreation and Hobbies Recreation and Hobbies
Reference and Research Reference and Research
Religion Religion
Search Engines Search Engines
Sex Education Sex Education
Shareware and Freeware Shareware and Freware
Shopping Shopping
Social Networking Social Networking
Society Society
SPAM URLs Malware
Sports Sports
Spyware and Adware Malware
Streaming Media Streaming Media
Swimsuits & Intimate Apparel Swimsuits and Intimate Apparel
Training and Tools Training and Tools
Translation Translation
Travel Travel
Unconfirmed SPAM Sources Malware
Unknown Unknown
Violence Questionable
Weapons Weapons
Web Advertisements Web Advertisements
Web based email Web-based Email
Web Hosting Web Hosting



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