Opening a New Support Case in the Customer Support Portal (CSP)

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Learn about the new way to open a support case in the Customer Support Portal (CSP). The new changes to the Customer Support Portal are aimed at giving customers a better user experience. Read about the new look and check out the updates. Got questions? Get answers on LIVEcommunity!

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There have been many changes to both the LIVEcommunity and the Customer Support Portal (CSP). 

One of the new changes is how you open a new support case inside the CSP.  


NOTE: Please don't forget about searching the LIVEcommunity for any articles or discussions about your issue first. We have lots of great information that may be able to help you solve the issue without having to start a case.


If all else fails, here's some info about pening a case with the new CSP.  

Customer Support Portal (CSP) showing the two different ways you can open a case.Customer Support Portal (CSP) showing the two different ways you can open a case.

You now have two ways to open a case from the new Customer Support Portal (CSP). 

Once inside the CSP,  you will see "Support Cases" on the left side and "Create a Case" near the top of the screen.


After you clicked on one of those options, you will see this: 

Case Creation windowCase Creation window

In the Case Creation window, it will walk you through opening a Support Case with Palo Alto Networks Support.


You will be asked for all of the normal information about Technology, Product/Problem Area, Issue Category, and OS release, but after you enter the case description, you will see Suggested Solutions on the right hand side. This is where we present some good information that may be relevant to the problem for which you are creating a case. If you have already read those articles but you still need to proceed with a case creation, please make sure to enter a correct contact number and select the correct case priority: 

  • Critical = Network down 
  • High = Partial network outage, 
  • Medium = minor or no network impact, 
  • Low = query


Once that is complete, you can "Submit" your Support Case. After your case is open, you will see options to upload any support files such as a "Tech Support" file or anything else that would help resolve the issue.



For more information about opening a case in the new CSP, please see this article: Opening a Case With Customer Support


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