GlobalProtect IPv6 Troubleshooting Part 2 LSVPN

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Over the last couple of months, my Tips & Tricks have been about GlobalProtect IPv6 and troubleshooting.
In case you missed those, here are the links:
Tips & Tricks: How to configure GlobalProtect and IPv6
Tips & Tricks: GlobalProtect IPv6 Troubleshooting (T is for...)

But there was a lot of information that I left out about LSVPN, which is why I am now bringing you Part 2 of the GP IPv6 Troubleshooting - LSVPN.


Inside this troubleshooting article, I discuss the following areas:

  1. LSVPN gateway: Current Satellite (WebGUI)
  2. LSVPN satellite: Gateway info (WebGUI)
  3. LSVPN portal/gateway: System Log (WebGUI)
  4. LSVPN portal/gateway: System Log (CLI)
  5. LSVPN satellite: System Log (WebGUI)
  6. LSVPN satellite: System Log (CLI)
  7. LSVPN gateway: Gateway info (CLI)
  8. LSVPN gateway: Current satellites (CLI)
  9. LSVPN gateway: Tunnel info (CLI)
  10. LSVPN satellite: local info (CLI)
  11. LSVPN satellite: Current gateway (CLI)
  12. LSVPN satellite: Tunnel info (CLI)

To read all the detail, please visit the Full Tips & Tricks article here:



I hope this will help with troubleshooting LSVPN with GlobalProtect and IPv6.


As always, we welcome all comments and feedback below in the comment section.


Stay Secure!

Joe Delio


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