International Fraud Awareness Week

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This week, November 13-19, we join the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) in the global effort to minimize the impact of fraud by promoting anti-fraud awareness and education for International Fraud Awareness Week. The ACFE launched the observance in 2000, and now International Fraud Awareness Week is an official time to raise global awareness about the critical everyday threat of fraud. 


Why International Fraud Awareness Week Is Important


Fraud is an intentional act that uses false or misleading information and can come in various forms such as phone calls, snail mail, email, and many other tangible and digital methods. Fraud aims to illegally deprive a person or entity of something of value. It may be money, property, or rights. No matter the type of fraud, it is a crime and when we understand more about fraud, we can protect ourselves and businesses.


Here are five interesting facts about fraud from National Today:


  1. While identity fraud has decreased, the cost of fraud has increased
    Although the number of cases of identity fraud has declined over the years, the monetary amount criminals generate from identity fraud has increased
  2. Corruption ranks top in fraud
    Corruption ranks as the second most common type of fraud in the world, including the United States
  3. "Doorstep fraudsters" target the elderly
    According to research stats, 85% of the victims of doorstep fraud are over the age of 65
  4. One in 10 adults are victims of fraud
    Statistics provided by the Federal Trade Commission revealed one in ten adults falls victim to fraud each year
  5. Kids under the age of 18 also have their identities stolen
    Statistics show that about 1.3 million children’s identities get stolen using the internet and social media platforms each year


We hope that this week you take some time to join us in creating awareness around fraud! Thank you for reading.


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