IoT Security Update: August 2022

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L4 Transporter





  • Third-party integrations with on-premises Cortex XSOAR servers – If you already have a full-featured Cortex XSOAR server deployed on-premises, you can use that to integrate IoT Security with third-party systems without needing to buy an add-on license and use a limited cloud-hosted XSOAR module. The full Cortex XSOAR server supports more than 900 integrations. For more information, see the IoT Security Integration Guide.
  • Network Discovery through SNMP integration –  IoT Security can now retrieve information about L2 VLANs and L3 subnets; network infrastructure devices like switches, routers, WLAN controllers, and access points; network services like DHCP and DNS servers; and endpoint devices. For more information, see the IoT Security Integration Guide.




Aug 9: Cloud-delivered security services-Virtual ultimate test drive


News/ Articles

  • The Ultimate IoT Security RFI Checklist for CISO’s: This documents must-have capabilities that business decision-makers across all industries should look for before deciding on a perfect solution to protect all IoT, OT, IoMT, and IT devices in their corporate, industrial, and healthcare organizations' network.
  • Read Palo Alto Networks' take on medical device security in the Czech Government’s cybersecurity agency (NUKIB) report: "Compendium of Multistakeholder Perspectives: Protecting the Healthcare Sector from Cyber Harm."
  • Read which two devices were recalled by the FDA in July 2022.
  • Read the FBI warning on Maui ransomware, which has been used by North Korea state-sponsored cyber actors since at least May 2021 to target Healthcare and Public Health (HPH) Sector organizations.


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