IoT Security Update February 2022

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  • Automated policy recommendations – based on the existing network behaviors of devices in a device profile plus the observed behavior for that profile across crowdsourced device data. This extensive device behavior comparison helps provide high confidence policies for segmentation or blocking unwanted behavior for a particular device without hampering its functioning.
  • Industry risk trend visibility – Compare the risk score for your device profiles with the risk score of crowdsourced device profiles. You can see if your score is better, worse, or about the same as others.
  • Query feature enhancement – In addition to querying data about devices and security alerts, you can now query for the third type of data entity: vulnerabilities. For example, you can query for all devices in a particular profile with a specific vulnerability. 
  • MDS2 Enhancement – The Device Details page for medical devices now contains 10 additional MDS2 fields
  • Dictionary File updates – There were two releases of the device dictionary file in January with  50 new profiles and 27 new vendors. 




IoT Hands-on Workshops: 


NHS Webinar [EMEA]: Medical IoT Security. Feb 10. Register here.


Notable News/ Articles:


    • Department of Veterans Affairs Selects Palo Alto Networks to Modernize Security. Read the blog.
    • Avrasya Tüneli (Eurasia Tunnel) links Europe with Asia under the Bosphorus strait in Turkey achieves 100% IoT device detection within 48 hours. Read the case study.
    • MDS2: A Treasure Trove for Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Security. Read the blog.
    • How to Protect All Five Stages of the IoT Security Lifecycle. Read the blog.
    • Palo Alto Networks is now a member of the CHIME (College of Healthcare Information Management Executives), a global org consisting of ~5000 CIO members. 

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