IoT Security Update October 2021

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IoT Security Update October 2021IoT Security Update October 2021



  • Suppress multiple alerts for an event or incident, either for just the device on which the alert was triggered or for all devices sharing the same device profile, category, or device type.
  • Gain confidence in the accuracy of IoT device information. With the newly launched Data Quality Diagnostics page, customers can determine the number of IP endpoints with low confidence in relation to the overall number of devices on the network. From this data, they can follow the recommendations provided to improve the confidence in the data accuracy.
  • Automatically include device data from 3rd party Vulnerability Management (Qualys, Rapid7, and Tenable) scan reports in the IoT Security inventory for an expanded view of devices and their vulnerabilities.
  • Thirty-eight new profiles, 14 vendors, and 6 categories added to the device dictionary in September. Six new categories added are: Electronics IoT, Personal Health and Wellness, Home IoT Gateway, Smart Plug, Smart Thermostat, and Network Test Equipment.




  1. International IoT Security Roundtable hosted by Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW): Oct 7 | 3.00pm – 5.00pm (GMT +8). Register here.
  2. IoT Hands-on Workshop: Oct 20
  3. Zero Trust Enterprise Roadshow: Oct 19 & 21. Reg: US & Canada | Oct 20 and 27. Reg: EMEA
  4. New IoT Security YouTube Playlist: All IoT Security related demos/videos in one place


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