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Premium Support includes all the digital tools and resources, community support and accelerated resolution by support engineers with callback option and faster response times. This add-on support plan can be subscribed to within the Cloud NGFW management console under subscription management. Learn more in this video below:


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L1 Bithead

Hey Guys, I see three models of support being offered here(😞 



-Premium Success


An explaination of what the difference between Premium and Premium Success would be nice.


From what I can tell from my experience; there is no difference between Standard and Premium as you can't log a TAC case in the support portal.


Can you please shed some light on this!



L3 Networker

Premium Success is now called Premium support. Here is the difference between Standard and Premium support.


1. Standard

Cloud NGFW Standard Support provides self-service,
digital support capabilities to assist you. Access to all the product documentation and knowledge base articles aids in answering questions. LIVEcommunity moderated by Palo Alto Networks experts provide our online community
with collective expertise from thousands of users.


2. Premium
Premium Support proactive monitoring gives you the
extra assurance that your service is always up and running. Customers can access assistance through LIVEcommunity and our Customer Support Portal. Callback phone support from technical experts 24/7 assists with any questions or issues you encounter. The Premium Support software subscription can be added on through the Cloud NGFW
management console.


For more information, please take a look at the Cloud NGFW datasheet.


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