Celebrating PANCast™: A Year in Review

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As we reflect on the past year of PANCast™, it's evident that our journey has been marked by growth, engagement, and invaluable insights. Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge content from cybersecurity experts has resonated with our audience, fostering a community eager for knowledge and dialogue. 


What is PANCast™? 



PANCast™ serves as a Palo Alto Networks podcast that delivers actionable insights from cybersecurity experts directly to our customers. Our goal is to empower our audience to enhance their daily security measures. Each episode explores various Palo Alto Networks products, providing valuable tips and essential information crucial for a successful adoption journey. 


A Trailblazing Journey of Success and Insight

PANCast™ officially launched on September 28, 2022. Since its inaugural launch, it has witnessed remarkable success, resonating with audiences seeking practical takeaways in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. The podcast has garnered widespread acclaim for its informative content, covering a diverse array of topics. Listeners have also praised the podcast for its relevance, providing valuable tips and key information that significantly contribute to bolstering their cybersecurity strategies. The growing listenership and positive feedback underscore PANCast™'s effectiveness in delivering crucial knowledge, making it an indispensable resource for those navigating the intricacies of cybersecurity.


PANCast™ has experienced remarkable expansion and heightened visibility, reaching a broader audience and gaining increased recognition in the ever-growing podcasting landscape.


PANCast™ By the Numbers

Experiencing a remarkable surge, PANCast™'s listener base has increased by 449%, soaring from 1,648 views in 2023-Q1 to an impressive 9,048 views in 2024-Q1. Moreover, the podcast has garnered the attention of 13,453 unique visitors, accumulating a total of 27,613 views! 


Additionally, following its launch on major platforms such as iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc., the quarterly listener base has seen a notable 37.9% increase, growing from 6,560 in 2023-Q4 to 9,048 in 2024-Q1. !


Recognizing its significance and alignment with the Palo Alto Networks brand, Legal and Product Management have officially trademarked the PANCast™! Customers turn to our episodes for reliable advice and guidance provided by our Support SMEs and it's evident with the phenomenal growth PANCast™ continues to experience.


Top Episodes - Determined By You!

PANCast™ Episode 1: Four Things You Must Do When Upgrading Your Firewall 

PANCast™ Episode 2: How Does GlobalProtect Split Tunneling Work? 

PANCast™ Episode 3: URL Filtering - Allowing and Blocking the Right Traffic 


Bi-Weekly Insights Unleashed -- Your Cybersecurity Podcast Fix

PANCast™ continues to keep its audience engaged by releasing a new episode every two weeks. This consistent and timely schedule ensures that our listeners receive a steady stream of the latest insights from our cybersecurity experts. The bi-weekly release cadence allows us to cover a diverse range of topics, offering insightful advice, and staying at the forefront of industry developments. This regularity has not only fostered a dedicated listener base but also established PANCast™ as a reliable source for up-to-date information.


Your Voice, Your Topics: Fuel the Conversation, Submit Your Podcast Ideas Now!


We value your input! Elevate our cybersecurity podcast by contributing your ideas to the PANCast™ team. Your unique perspectives and burning questions can shape the future of our episodes. Share your thoughts on emerging trends, challenges, or specific topics you'd like us to delve into. 


By submitting your ideas, you become an integral part of our community, driving conversations that matter. Let's collaboratively explore the world of cybersecurity – your insights could be the catalyst for our next engaging episode! Don't miss the chance to influence the dialogue; submit your ideas today and let's amplify the collective intelligence of our cybersecurity community!


Subscribe Now for Timely Alerts on PANCast™


Don’t miss out on the latest in cybersecurity wisdom, subscribe and tune into PANCast™ to discover how to elevate your cybersecurity posture. By subscribing, you’ll receive notifications every time a new episode drops, keeping you in the know.

You can find PANCast™ on CSP and Beacon, and we have extensive coverage on popular platforms like Apple and Spotify. Join our community of proactive listeners who gain exclusive access to expert insights, valuable tips and cutting-edge information.




Subscribing not only guarantees you never miss a beat with the latest episodes available. Stay informed, stay secure – subscribe today!


Thank You to Our Amazing Listeners for Fueling the PANCast™ Podcast Journey


Explore diverse cybersecurity topics by tuning in and then sharing your insights! Reflecting on the past year, PANCast™ has adapted to change, garnered positive responses, and increased listenership. Moving forward, expect greater success as we leverage strategic planning, fresh perspectives, and unwavering commitment to excellence, setting new milestones in the coming year.


Thank you for your support! Join us on this evolving journey of insight and innovation in cybersecurity. Here's to a phenomenal year ahead!

Community Manager
Community Manager

What an extraordinary year! The remarkable increase in listeners underscores the significant impact of this podcast series. Your support has been instrumental in making this journey truly exceptional! 🚀 @jnathan @jarena @ozheng 

Community Team Member

PANCast has been a tremendous addition to LIVEcommunity and Palo Alto Networks as a whole! Kudos to the whole team behind the podcast.

L2 Linker

Thank you for being so supportive, LIVEcommunity team, for giving us the platform to reach our listeners.

You have enabled us to improve our customer's experience with our products and services. 

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