Elevating Your Community Experience: New Prompt Encourages Users to Login or Register

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Please sign in to see details of an important advisory in our Customer Advisories area.
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As we step into the new year, LIVEcommunity is thrilled to launch a new feature! We're enhancing your experience by introducing a new reminder encouraging members to log in and visitors to register! If you’re not logged in, you will encounter a prompt in the upper right corner of our site, guiding you to sign in or register to join our community. By registering, you'll unlock a world of benefits.



We want to make sure that each and every visitor to LIVEcommunity enjoys a meaningful community experience! If you’re a member, this new UX enhancement will help you remember to log in to get access to specialized content, the ability to post and respond to discussions, comment on blogs and articles, message with peers and much more. By logging in, you will unlock your fullest community experience. 


Unlock Exclusive Benefits of Membership


For those who are visiting LIVEcommunity as non-members, consider the benefits of joining our community! By registering with LIVEcommunity, you will be able to:


  • Access exclusive content about Palo Alto Networks products including timely advisories, new feature updates, product adoption guides, and more 
  • Connect with more than 360,000 other members — IT and cybersecurity experts from around the world
  • Engage with others via discussion forums and the ability to comment on articles and blogs
  • Subscribe to specific  areas so you never never miss an update or a post of importance or interest to you
  • Access technical documentation, how-to videos, podcasts, webinars and more related to Palo Alto Networks products
  • Personalize your community experience with the ability to customize your profile, settings and other community features


Don't Miss Out on the Full Community Experience!


If you’re not a registered member, you are limited to only browsing and searching for information. You will not be able to engage in discussions with other community members, give likes, start discussion topics, accept solutions, or set customization preferences. Customers who are not registered may also miss out on important information, such as critical customer advisory notices and product onboarding guides.

This new reminder is just one of the many ways we are constantly working to improve the site experience for all LIVEcommunity visitors! 


Register or sign in now to engage with Palo Alto Networks global online community today!

Got a question about logging in or registering? Find answers here: LIVEcommunity Registration and Login Assistance.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Listening to our members is of utmost importance, so we prioritized this new capability!  

We hope this is helpful for all of our members and visitors! Thank you for partnering with us!

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