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BPA on multiple devices and Panorama

L1 Bithead

I'm having some trouble with Best Practices analysis and hoping someone here can confirm the functionality.


I have many devices managed by Panorama.  Their configuration is built through a combination of some local device configuration and policies, plus settings from templates and device groups in Panorama.  I've imported all devices including Panorama into a project, but when I run the Best Practices analysis it seems to only consider the Panorama config.  I don't see the settings or policies from the local device configs in the analysis results.


I believe this worked for me in the past, perhaps there is some trick I'm just forgetting.  I've tried toggling through devices in the bottom toolbar but it seems to have no effect when on the Best Practices tab.  Can anyone else confirm if BPA is working for them with a combination of Panorama and local device configurations?


Expedition 1.1.2 / BP 3.6.3

Who Me Too'd this topic