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Expedition support for PanOS9.1.1

L2 Linker



We've needed to upgrade our Panorama & firewalls for bug fixing reasons to PanOs9.1.1.

Since the Panorama upgrade our migrations using Expedition are having issues:

PanOS9.1.1 with Expedition:

  • Expedition pre 1.1.56: after a merge and config import, following is the config load error on Panorama: 

              "job failed because of configd restart"

  • Expedition 1.1.60: config import works, but source and/or destinations objects are missing. This occurs repetively. (80% on security and NAT rules).

Is this known?

Which version of Expedition is supported for PanOs9.1.1?


Best regards,

Filip Elsen

Who Me Too'd this topic